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FlightAware Nominated for Best Travel Tool or App - Voting Now Open

FlightAware has received a nomination for the category Best Travel Tool or App in the 2014 GlobeRunner Awards. You can vote for FlightAware and your favorite airlines and travel-related companies on the web ballot. ( 기타...

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The site is awesome, the mobile is good too. The app, it needs an update.
What update do you think it needs (I disagree in that I don't think of anything that needs "updating".)?
OK. if you are talking iPad....I have no knowledge.
FA is the best... Great job FA.
The Android app is terrible. Talk about permissions galore.
And the "Nearby Me" feature can get messy.
BaronG58 2
Strange. Never had that problem. Works fantastic on my phone. Could it be your phone or provider?
John, not sure what you're talking about. The permissions needed are to keep it functioning while using. SD modification allows the app to be moved to external storage. Phone access keeps it from sleeping. GPS tracks your location in app only. I'm rooted and can control permissions, but I don't need to with FA.
John buddy, like it or not, may be your machine/system needs professional help.
Vote one vote all.
Show that FA is the best !
I tried to vote, but it took my "no opinion" for the first category, threw up a spam of some sort, by the time I got rid of that it said I had already completed the survey. Not true.

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I guess the only problem I 'felt' was that this category came up fairly late/last, towards the end of the patience game .
I recently downloaded this app . It is fantastic and the news letter is more than I expected . Keep it up. This app deserve rewrds.
makes me sad--I would like to have voted for you.
I love this app!! It works awesome on my phone. It is so accurate that when it shows the aircraft is on final, it is. I was picking someone up from the airport one time and the flight aware showed it coming over the freeway, I looked up and sure enough, they flew right over me!! Awesome tool!
To bad the iPhone app is terrible. It just doesn't work...


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