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FBI expands $10,000 reward program for info on laser strikes

In response to an increasing concern about individuals firing laser pointers at aircraft (aka "laser strikes"), the FBI has expanded its new $10,000 reward program to the entire United States, including Guam and Puerto Rico. Anyone providing the FBI with information that leads to the arrest of someone who perpetrates a laser strike could receive thousands of dollars. ( 기타...

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I think that any one that points any thing at Aircraft should be dealt with.
It is simply wrong to do so. I hope and pray
that any person doing so will be caught and dealt with according to law.
So, you're against taking photos of aircraft? Or children pointing fingers at them?
Even if it goes without hurting the aircrew, they all are so focused, particularly on landing where most of these have occurred, it is a momentary startling or distraction that can have deadly effects, if they cannot recover. These aren't the cat chasing the dot type laser. These things are bright and can do some damage if they hit just right.
A bloke in Preston, Lancashire, England. sold thousands of these illegal laser pens before being caught, the newspaper article can be found if you feed in Techyun Hii. It appears in the local rag the "Lancashire Evening Post"


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