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World's first remote air traffic control tower to open in Sweden

In a world first, air traffic controllers armed with a suite of high-tech video and sensor equipment have been authorized to direct flights over 100 km (61 mi) away at an airport in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The technology, developed by Saab, offers alternatives to consolidate smaller airfields with smaller budgets under one control, and provides options for training, crisis situations, and tower maintenance or refurbishing. ( More...

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isardriver 10
hmmmmm, i hope this techno driven world will not have lessons learned at the the expense of lives, which is usually the case
BaronG58 4
What next...There will be a "APP for that?" Controllers work from home on I-Phones.
joel wiley 2
or better yet, email...keeps down the bandwidth demand. Don't worry about it being store-and-forward with best effort for delivery.
Cormac Clancy 4
As a professional photographer said to me years ago about digital photography -
"It'll never catch on".
s2v8377 3
What could go wrong???
I can't see this replacing towers at big airports. but in the right places this could have some significant cost savings. Look at all the contract airports out there that only have a Tower for a few flights a day... The only down side is probably IFR when problem happens with this "camera array". Also, I can see the safety in the Augmented reality possibility of a system like this. Can you imaging the final controller being able to look out the "window" and see tags/radar info of all the aircraft in a line? Or even a ground controller doing the same thing.

Closed tower at night? Have one or two "remote" guys "man" the tower for a bunch of towers where there isn't enough traffic to justify having a tower at all.

Also, even on the flip side. How about having an issue at the tower which requires evacuation? Just flip the switch and a remote side can take over traffic duties, while the issue is being taken care of.
s2v8377 1
The major issue with technology like this is, for example you will end up with controllers in New York directing traffic for an airport in Florida. "Local Control" should be local!!!
Just reading the headline, I thought it was for model airplanes...
This has been used in norhern Norway for some time alredy...
Jeff Lawson 1
I think this already happens for some smaller airports. I've heard that the KRYN tower and ground frequencies are remotely monitored by KTUS after certain night hours.
John Anderson 3
Every non-24-hour facility does something similar to what you're talking about, but no one is clearing aircraft to taxi, land, or take-off. These remote towers will have controllers actually doing that but miles away.
Scarry... if a camera jams / weather not allowing clear view. .. can't imagine what all could go wrong..!!!
Tim Swift 1
" The technology, developed by Saab " Just had to chuckle a bit at first. Amazing and wonder if this will catch on.
zennermd 6
I hope it doesn't. What happens if there is an emergency? If someone hacks the system? You cannot hack a person and there is no such thing as hack proof.
BC Hadley 3
Cameras, sensors, connections, etc occasionally fail. Can't imagine the cost for a system like this with enough redundancy to be reliable.
honza nl 1
and people never makes mistakes? watch this, just a few days ago:
s2v8377 1
I hope it's more reliable than their cars used too be!!!
I bet the "ON" button is in the most esoteric weird place imaginable. :-)
FAA has had "portable" towers for at least 40 yrs...This is nothing new.
John Anderson 7
The portable towers you refer to are actually staffed with humans using their eyes to work traffic.
Believe it or not folks, controllers and voice communications slow the ATC system down the most. Soon to be replaced with automation. Even safer.


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