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Half of air traffic controller job offers go to people with no aviation experience

More than half of the latest batch of air-traffic controller job offers nationwide went to people with no aviation experience as part of a program designed to expand hiring among the general public, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday....What could possibly go wrong? ( 기타...

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Years ago, some of the nations major railroads hired classes of Assistant Trainmasters with no practical RR experience but that were on the outside looking in. They at least had a working knowledge of RR operations and were able to shake out some dust on the way up, which was the intended purpose.
I've often found that technical jobs like air controllers and train conductors go to people with no experience in those fields. My previous second has a Phd in the arts and sciences. My current second has an MBA. Do either qualify as pilots? Maybe not, but they are very good at their jobs and not likely to take the turbo for an afternoon spin in the territories.
No experience in a field is one thing. No knowledge of it's operation and function is another
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Good morning, Wayne...the fear has to be whether quality is being sacrificed in the name of diversity, equality or political correctness. I have never seen respectable data to show me that diversity improves quality or even maintains it unless there is a large pool of candidates of "diverse" backgrounds from which to draw. Frankly, I don't feel this is the place for social experiments. Unfortunately we will not know until something happens.

The unspoken downside is this may accelerate the retirement of those currently holding the system together. Until recently I trained students in Pediatric Anesthesia but not longer do so as their academic leadership did not support quality and it was impossible to get rid of the bad ones. This is likely to happen to the old farts like you and me when they say "Do I really need this?"

Expect the retirement age to be raised to keep the numbers up. With households losing one third of their assets, many of those coming up will have to work longer.
Well, the mandatory retirement age now is 56 for ATC and was raised back in 09 for ATP's from 60 to 65. That kept senior men in awhile. Might be good here. idk. Junior guys are taking over the planes and you see what we have. No reason to expect otherwise at ATC.
In 1990, I took the ATC test (scored 89.6). At that time, bonus points were only given to ex-military. We were told that people scoring 95 and above would receive an invitation to training. Those in the 90-94 bracket would be invited if there was room, and so on. It was a tough, timed test that you really couldn't prepare for; either you had the skills or not. If the current test is similar, and they have the same preferential treatment policies (only vets), they should get good candidates.
I really think it's like a lot of other jobs, you are either born with it or you aren't; that goes for flying or driving a truck or train. The skillset is either natural or learned. That's just how it is. Had a tower daddy tell me about a young gun he had that had come thru Keesler, passed all his tests and all. He said "that boy can handle a pattern and do as good a job as anybody here, but he works twice as hard at it. He'd be better off doing something else because everything he does, he has to think about how to do it. Nothing comes natural". There are a lot of folks like that, good at what they do but some requiring major effort to do it.
I am sorry that you feel that way, mainly because I am afraid of how accurate your assessment. A number of ones coming up now have been grown in a medium of self esteem- no matter their level of competence.



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