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Travolta's 2 dogs killed in Maine airport accident

BANGOR, Maine – A service vehicle at Maine's Bangor International Airport has struck and killed two dogs owned by John Travolta ( 기타...

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According to the story, it seems that the dogs were being walked in a airport operations area, why there? We all know it can be a hustle & bustle area.
Toby Sharp 0
..............hand slaps forehead
This doesn't make any sense...
Poor John, I know he's crushed

jdworley 0
There must be a little more to the story than claimed. Perhaps the leash was very long and the dogs ran in front of the jet-a truck? Those things can't just slam on the brakes when they're carrying 10-20,000 gallons of fuel. Was the handler not paying attention? As for the dogs being walked in "a airport operations area", how else do you get the dogs from the jet to the grass?


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