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Al Jazeera: Safety concerns dog Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Al Jazeera has found that some Boeing workers have serious concerns about the safety of the 787 "Dreamliner" aircraft. In a new documentary, Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787, current and retired Boeing employees discuss their worries about quality control with Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit. ( 기타...

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Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, this is just going to turn into a Boeing vs. Airbus bash.
Rather than looking into these issues presented by those in the video most of us here will just choose to defend Boeing. It's actually quite sad since our loved ones will be flying on these planes. As pilots and customers we need know what products we use are safe.
I believe you are right about the fight that will ensure. I enjoy both manufacturers aircraft - they both make great products, and sometimes, they both need to face issues with said products. This article raises important questions that must be addressed, less the 787 face the same negative publicity as the DC-10.

I applaud Boeing for trying something new with the 787. After all, had the Wright brothers not tried something new, would we even have air travel? However, we all need to face some hard truths at times. We all come here because we are aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and in some cases, spammers and/or trolls. But, at the end of the day, do we wand to descend into the Boeing/Airbus arguments when meaningful conversation about the safety of passengers is concerned?

That's just mt 2 cents. And maybe it's because of a 7 hour layover in LA today. But, it is what it is :-)
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What a load of crap. Why do I suspect ulterior motives for this report, especially when things like this report are occuring: These "whistleblowers" have one interest in mind, and it certainly i$n't pa$$enger $afety. Yes, some workers are probably on drugs. Most large manufacturing facilities have fought this for decades. But I don't think it's any worse than anywhere else, including the Seattle area. And Toulouse, for that matter. That should take care of the Boeing v. Airbus angle.

To top it all off, they used Al-Jezeera as their mouthpiece. Did Mad magazine's news division turn them down? This tells me all the other news organizations recognized it for what it is ... pure union-fed manure.
I note that one plant producing the 787 is union and one is not. One is on the north and the other is in the deep south. Clearly, the fact that employees have no organized and sanctioned way to talk to management had created a serious matter. The situation in the SC plant is fixable but will it? Only union protections will take the employees'concerns safely to mgt.
So airlines like ANZ safety and aircraft assessment and engineering approval are finding...nothing wrong. A comprehensive news item must include specific parts and what manufacturing areas are supposedly an issue. Are these processes documented as per SARPS and are the "whistle-blowers" and employees at an expert level of organisational management, aircraft design and qualified human factors experts in job design and accident prevention...or just opinionated employees that work in sectors.
Frankly nothing Al Jazeera has to say impresses me.Just because of who they are I'll always be suspicious of their motives for their expressed point of view.


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