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Fighter jets land on highway as Taiwan war games begin

Fighter jets and other combat aircraft used Taiwan's main highway as a makeshift airstrip Tuesday as part of a dawn drill that simulated an attack from China. ( 기타...

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Taiwan is riddled with sections of highway that are cleared of vertical obstructions and are built as full spec runways with Taxiways and aircraft parking.
A lot like South Korea.
chalet 1
Ditto Sweden since the 50s
I would love to see these kind of drills on I-80 in central Iowa. (USAF, not the Taiwan AF. Too many questions would be asked) For years there were stories of the US interstate highway system having 2 mile sections in every 10 graded straight and level with no overhead obstructions for use as an emergency runway. As with most retold stories, probably 'bravo-sierra'. An interesting idea none the less.
Lots of aerodynamic braking going on there.

Sounds more like a airshow than a military exercise.
cverbil 1
This is not that far from the truth. The official name of today's interstate system when first funded and assigned in the 50s was the 'National Interstate Defense Highway System'. While it wasn't designed for aircraft use, it was considered a defense asset for the rapid movement of troops and materiel (yes, that is correct spelling in this context) in times of war.
Parts of US95 near Creech AFB in Nevada were closed yesterday so military aircraft could use it during Green Flag.
Why do we still use the term fighter"jets"? Prop driven fighters are history. Its like stating a TV show is in color. They all are. Aggrevates me.
I flew out of Kadena on Okinawa in the early 70's. We participated in NATO exercises with the Chinese Air Force. Taiwan was in NATO back then. Darned if I remember them landing on their highways. The USAF always used their, or our bases. We flew out of CCK, Tainan and Taipei.
I've wondered about you over the years. How the hell are you? Love to hear from you. I'm in Sarasota FL these days.

Kent Simons
A LOT of you "young gunz" forget we FOUGHT CHINA in both hot wars KOREA & by proxy- VIETNAM.

As much as we (the liberals here in US) want to sing KOO BY YAH, RED CHINA's ultimate goal is reclamation of this island-TAIWAN and yes, the USA..



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