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Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) now displayed on FlightAware Maps

All FlightAware users can now view United States Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) on FlightAware maps! Simply enable the TFR layer by clicking the "+" in the upper right corner of any map, then check the "TFR" layer. Current and future published TFRs will then be drawn on US maps as red polygons. ( 기타...

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Any update on when position-only flights will start appearing on the airport activity maps? Thanks!
This is in beta and we're working to release it more broadly over the coming weeks.
cool, thanks for the update!

I have had a local TFR pop up 10 miles in front of me. Local TFR's can come up with out the FAA having the information in the system. The TFR that showed on my screen wasn't on the TRACON list. They had no knowledge and I flew around it after advising them of it being there. It was over a power plant.
Brian Ke 1
There are no TFRs over power plants. Airmen are just advised not to loiter around them.
Ok there was no TFR over a power plant. Just a Plant in front of with massive cooling towers that looked like a power plane with a TFR over it. Unfortunately I could not land and check It out. Remember LOCAL TR come up at any time any time local authorities want to put one up and ATC doesn't always know about them.

If you would like to fly over a power plant because there is NO TFR's, give it a shot. have a great day and let us know how it works out.
Brian Ke 2
Again nope. All TFRs are issued by the FAA. Local police have to ask the FAA for one to be issued. Your subscription service in your airplane may display power plants as a reminder to not fly around them for an extended period of time.

From the FDC NOTAM - "In the interest of national security and to the extent practicable, pilots are strongly advised to avoid the airspace above, or in proximity to such sites as power plants … . Pilots should not circle as to loiter in the vicinity over these types of facilities."

Maybe you should join AOPA so you could be informed on issues such as this. Read this article to be familiar with what really happens around power plants. You will see the Jefferson, SC police department was wrong in this instance.
Be aware, there are 3 "authorized" ways of obtaining TFRs. Flight Service, DUAT and DUATS. If you don't get a briefing with them, there is no proof that you got the information. Wings and foreflight use your DUAT/DUATS accounts. If you get a briefing through those apps, via your DUAT/DUATS account, there is record. You can get TFRs on those apps without using your DUAT/Duats sign in.
The best protection of getting the info is to call FSS.
dmanuel -5
I believe the FAA hass stated the map representations of TFRs are advisory only. If used to avoid TFRs in flight and you inadvertantly violate an active TFR because the drawn selection was not accurate, you eat the violation (my terminology).
LIke most things, it's reliable when it's accurate, right?

You can click on the TFRs on FlightAwrae maps and it takes you to the FAA page for that TFR.


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