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U.S. proposes plugging fire-suppression hole in Boeing 787

(Reuters) - The U.S. aviation safety regulator has proposed requiring operators of some Boeing Co (BA.N) 787 Dreamliners to replace parts near the plane's lithium battery in an effort to improve the plane's ability to fight an on-board fire. In a directive issued on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration said it had received reports that some 787-8 planes did not have foam-like plugs properly installed as required to keep a fire-suppression chemical in an electrical compartment… ( 기타...

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If parts of the fire suppression system were not installed correctly, there shouldn't be any "proposed requirement" to fix the problem, it should be done, period, And the operators shouldn't need to be told to do it either.
Should be an immediate action AD! There has been enough bad publicity with this airframe.
I have and would specifically chose this aircraft over anything in the air.
The redundancies in design in all aircraft and particularly this one make
as saw as anything in the air. Detractors just don't have enough knowledge
and or experience to know how wrong they are.
Oops ;) - I love commenting on my phone
It would seem that the problem lies with the operators not heeding the advice of the manufacturer.
stardog01 -1
I am not convinced of the safety of this aircraft. The lithium batteries seem to be a major ongoing safety problem.
Piece of junk.


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