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F-22 Night Aerial Refueling during Islamic State Operations

An F-22 Raptor receives fuel from a KC-10 Extender over the U.S. Central Command area of operations, while supporting air strikes in Syria, Sept. 27, 2014. ( 기타...

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Nice find. Thanks for sharing

Drop one for me
That was really cool. I liked the light on top of the fuselage, and the light at the end of the boom.
Two things which I found interesting about this:

1 - the boom was kept to one side to get around the cockpit

2 - hearing the switch being thrown for the light at the end of the boom

I am not saying any of this is unusual. I, as a novice, enjoy learning about this stuff.
It's all about staying in precise formation so the boomer can "hook" you. The Navy, and most Europeans (NATO), use a "basket" (probe-and-drogue) system that is easily seen in front of the pilot. The Air Force uses a recepticle-door behind-the-pilot system that he can't see at all except w/his mirror. In day-VFR that's OK but but at night, or in weather, positioning your airplane precisely on the the "boomer's" director lights can sometimes be a challenge.
smoki 1
The smooth positioning of the airplane and holding it steady for the plug in is a testament to excellent piloting skill. Well done to that driver. Made it easy for the boomer.
The reverse of that is making it easier on the PILOT; and many boom operators havn't a clue! BUT in Vietnam when I was really hurting for gas and all shot-up? On more than one occasion, when I was all shakey, I had those guys reach way over; hook me; and hold on 'til I at least had min fuel to RTB Udorn. They broke all the rules....great guys!! Sorry they'll never see this!
LED lighting!
good work!!!
The real "fun" is doing it at night in the weather
jayemen 1
Most awesome!


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