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Flight attendants want to bring back gadget ban during takeoff and landing

Frequent travelers might be happy that the FAA now allows the use of phones during takeoff and landing, but the biggest union of flight attendants (60,000 strong) in the country sure isn't. The union's lawyer has just attempted to get the FAA's decision overturned in the Court of Appeals, arguing that the FAA should've followed standard procedure by notifying the public first and allowing people to comment before issuing any ruling. ( 기타...

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WtfWtf 6
FAs have become crabby because they are overworked and underpaid.. People are dumber and more entitled than ever these days too.. Combine that with TSA goons, constant delays, missed 35 minute connections and cramped seats and it's just bad all around. They also make you gate check the bag when it's not needed.. It needs reformed.
Do they honestly believe that passengers used to pay attention to the flight attendant's safety announcement and now they don't? Have you ever seen a passenger ask a question about what the flight attendant said? Unfortunately, Passengers do not listen to the announcement, whether they have a gadget in their hand or not. I'm sure the flight attendants know that as well.
Neil49 0
No, most passengers don't pay attention, but if an emergency arises, I'd rather not have every cell phone zombie impeding the efforts of the rest of us trying to comply with the actions required in a successful response to the situation.
They better not!


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