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Weird SWA Flight

Anyone have any idea of what this is? ( 기타...

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Jetfixr 5
The 8000 flight numbers are non rev maintenance or operational flights, probably photo shoot or something to that effect. Nice flight time though. Wonder who the photo ship was?
Agreed. Looking at the flight route, I'd bet they got some nice pictures with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.
Was a learjet as far as I could tell from the photo I saw
Definitely a photo shoot. This specific 737-800 is HeartONE. I did a search by tail number, and voila:
Just saw a pic and he is currently doing an Air to Air Photoshoot.
That would make sense. Probably to "roll-out" their new ugly paint scheme.....

Former FA thread (or, "Squawk":
Happy with lower fuel prices and celebrating.
Considering the flight path over San Francisco Bay area the most likely scenario is that it is a photo/video flight. Another airplane would have the photographer and he/she would take pictures of the 737 from the other aircraft. Also of note is the TrackLog.
It shows that the 737 flew at 1,800 feet and at a low speed for an extended period of time. That makes sense if it was a photo flight.
There was a bee in the cockpit!
Going back for round two
AB1946 1
Looking at the flight's route it would seem to be some sort of test flight. It departed the same facility it arrived at.
I'll venture, based on the flight number ("8726") it was a pilot trainer of some sort. "Special" numbers like that denote certain things...a trainer, a re-position, an 'extra section'. Each airlines' Flight Operations guidelines determine the added lead number.
There are 4 MROs at SoCal Logistics, so I would have thought it was a post mx test flight.
Yeah 8725-8749 are Promotional flights probably doing photoshoot
Looks like KVCV is a boneyard for airliners when you look at Google Maps.
They were probably doing a flight testing for Installing the new Boeing Split Scimitar Wing tips...
All those loops crossing over the Golden Gate, relatively low altitude, looks like a photo and/or video shoot to me.
Some type of maintenance test flight.
Looks like a photo run of the new branding. VCV has a paint facility.
I agree it was probably a photo shoot based on the circumstances. That or the pilot is stalking an ex lover. There are three major airports in the San Fran area. With that low altitude, crazy flight plan, and at that time of day, wouldn't ATC comms have designated the flight purpose? Who wants to listen to several hours of liveATC archives from Oakland Center?
that's pretty funny, the whole ex lover part. But yea its interesting. They are definitely making huge PR moves for their new branding campaign
Does the Costa Concordia ex-captain have a new career?
Could have been a functional test flight after a repair of some sorts, but seems to be a bit long for that.
pilot23 1
Flight test, MTX, or photo shoot. Plenty of space in VCV air.
pilot23 1
Mtx, photo shoot or flight test/training.
My first though was a cold soak but they never got high so so,e kind of long ass MX flight.
Yeah, I took one of their seven-three's for a joyride. Sorry 'bout that! :-)
Victorville is a junkyard for planes near Los Angeles. Last time I checked there was some Aloha 737s retired there.
It's Adelanto not Victorville.
Noob error here…moderator, please remove my post below. Here's the link:
VCV is a maintenance/modification/painting center. SWA does not operate scheduled flights from there. I doubt if it was pilot training. Something new was installed, and SWA wanted to get marketing pictures of it over the Golden Gate.
mike SUT 1
Probably had a tailhook installed to see if they can stop having aircraft going off the end of the runways this winter. :-)
Only at Midway, or was that an aircraft carrier?
Looks like a test flight
Mike SUT: bit of a cheap shot. One plane, one time, in a difficult airport. That was SWA's first and only fatality and was some innocent people driving by.
Wrong. Two planes, two times:

The incident in Burbank in 2000 could have been much worse, with the aircraft coming to rest in a gas station. Fortunately, there were no fatalities. Flight 1248 was their first fatality.


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