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Seattle's Museum Of Flight Gets A Dreamliner

Boeing has donated the third 787 Dreamliner ever built to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. The plane known as ZA003 will be the only 787 at a museum in the world. It is painted in Boeing's Dreamliner house livery, and museum visitors will get to see the plane, inside and out. ( 기타...

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That's something I want to see!!

Thanks for posting!
Going There at christmas!!! So excited!!!
s2v8377 1
I guess Boeing couldn't find any airline paying takers for this early 787. I'm glad it found a good home instead of suffering a less fitting fate!!!
chalet 1
Actually there are 11 (yes like in ten plus one) unwanted 787s that Boeing just can't find buyers for even at deep deep discounts, read this article and the reason being that they are much heavier than what the contracts called for and quite rightfully the offended airlines refused to take them for the range dropped by some 800 miles. These 11 creatures cost Boeing a whooppinhg 1.2 to 1.5 billion to build and that goes straight to the bottom line. So it seems that enceforth other aviation museums are reportedly rubbing their hands.....
Ain't it too early for Boeing to commit 787 for museums ?
Or is it rather late, but ' better late than never ' kinda thing ?
Hopefully they take the batteries out of the thing. <rimshot!>
When Airframe makers throw test ships about to within and possibly beyond limits, what possible customer would be sane enough to risk millions of relevant currency upon an aircraft that was built for mass passenger transport?

Obvious to me the solution comes, ORBIS operate successfully a DC-10 when no passenger airline currently uses one commercially, thus, if Boeing could engineer a solution for test B787 aircraft for future use as to specialist United Nations use?
chalet 1
You are not quite correct. It is not uncommon for the aircraft used for testing to end up in the hands of a customer which of course knowing it all along. The reason these 11 creatures are not wanted is because they discovered a structural deficiency and applied a haphazard patch-up job when Boeing was desperately late in deliveries. This causde the aircraft to be several hundredwight too heavy. Later Boeing modified the beefing-up design from aircraft N° 12 on I believe without any overweight issues. Secondly the Orbis DC-10 was purchased in 1992 while other similar aircraft continued providing passenger service until 2013. There is no way that Boeing can remove the extra weight on the 787, strict diet, no sugar, no McDonalds (burgers, you mind). Perhaps sell them to some cash rich governments as their Air Force 001.
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787 donation to Seattle's Museum of Flight

The Boeing Co. handed over 787 test airplane #3 (ZA003) to the Museum of Flight Saturday in an elaborate ceremony marking an unprecedented donation of a modern airliner to an aviation museum.


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