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Video: Race Plane at Red Bull Air Race Skips Across Water

This is an amazing video of Matt Hall's race plane skipping across the Detroit River as it stalls coming out of a knife-edge turn. Great recovery! ( 기타...

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Amazing video -- they do a great job documenting it. That said, it's sort of funny how surprised everyone is that it happens if you consider the event itself.
Luck + Skill = You get to fly another day! It just wasn't his time.
Skill, Skill, Skill. Funny how the more he practices, the "luckier" he gets. (Borrowed from Ben Hogan's reply about "luck".
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Wow just wow, fast reaction time for sure.
If you're GOOD it ANT BRAGGIN.Fantastic flying
Holy bat dung, Boy Wonder!

Batman himself couldn't have done better!
A wise flight instructor once told me you start out with an empty hand of skill and a hand full of luck. You just hope that you can fill one before the other runs out. I think there was still just a bit in the luck hand but no doubt his skill hand is full.
In flight training a lot is made of the fact that, while folks look at airspeed as a predictor of a stall, stalling is actually a function of angle of attack. This video proves it. Matt Hall was, clearly, moving fast but, as he says, he pulled back on the stick too much and stalled a wing. Great recovery!
Outstanding flying great reaction time


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