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How Cockpit Computers Prejudice Pilots' Performance

The increasing amount of automation in airliners' cockpits has simplified the job of piloting. Automatic systems are particularly desirable during long cruise phases at steady speeds and altitudes. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 2
nothing new here.... just give me an old seat-of-the-pants pilot - military upset training etc... guess those guys are fading away...

preacher1 2
Well, it has gone full tilt in the automation direction in terms of cost savings to the point that lot's of airlines have been requiring us of it on a flight. This situation has just came to light over the past couple of years and more hand flying is being encouraged. Whether it is too little too late remains to be seen.
linbb 1
Friend said he knew a fellow who worked for a major carrier just a few years back, they were basically told to let Auto fly it except for TO and landing. Just passing along what was told.
paul trubits 1
I met a guy who claims he can tell who trained the pilot by the way they land. He claims that the military trained pilots bring in hard and fast while the "school trained" land long and slow. Any thoughts?
preacher1 1
Well, I have heard that story told on ex-Navy and Marine pilots that make a controlled crash when they trap. Not sure about USAF. Past that, IDK.
joel wiley 1
USAF does it w/o a wire, and not usually such a short runway 8-)
Merry Christmas Preacher and everyone else too!
preacher1 3
Merry Christmas Everybody and Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!!
Terry Isom 1
You too, Preacher1. Jesus IS the reason for the season!
usad 1
Hmmm, I would have thought for an article like this, that the author would have used a more up-to-date panel picture. Something from a new Boeing or Airbus copit would have been more appropriate, don't you think?
preacher1 1
While that is not the most up to date, it is not the oldest either and is actually more typical of some models of line aircraft. Not everything out there is brand new.


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