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Korean Air over NUTS

This is latest news about this lady, CHO Hyun-ah. ( 기타...

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Typical spoiled brat with nothing better to do in life but flaunt their wealth. But hey, your parents worked all their life to give you and your siblings the best in life.... The least you can do is to be grateful to them and behave like an educated woman.....SHAME on YOU !!!
Spoilt super rich brat with a massive ego who is finally now getting her come uppance....she should be well ashamed though my guess is that all her head bowinf is an act in order to look compliant...her sister's text message said it all and that got her into trouble as well!.......ugh
This sort of behaviour is not going to encourage passengers to use Korean. Esp considering the supine attitude of the crew at the SFO tragedy
I am missing something. Sure she was an executive who lost her job for having a tantrum. Now I hear she has been jailed without bail. Nobody died. Nobody was late. The engines had not started. The plane was towed all of 50 feet back to the gate to discharge an employee under her direction. It was the pilot who reversed the tow.
The never ending saga of "The Great Nut Case". Har!


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