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Great Air New Zealand Safety Pre-Flight Video

This is brilliant. Enjoy Now here’s an innovative (video) way from Air New Zealand of presenting the Safety Procedures before take-off. I haven’t seen it before and I hope you haven’t either. Wow! Must have cost a mint to produce! However, it will, I am sure, have people talking about the airline and its fantastic novel way of holding passengers’ attention for these important few minutes and giving the company great publicity. Top marks to Air NZ. ( 기타...

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What a great way to make pasangers watch a safety video.
Brilliant video
Absolutely brilliant need to go to NZ
You really do. It is phenomenal
Perhaps even better than the new Virgin Atlantic one (based on classic films) which is itself brilliant.
You're all quite right we have great safety video's here going way back, add a bit of humour and people will watch it make direct to the point and most will ignore it. It's also a pretty good place to live too.
Hey man, that's already a few months it's out now...
Sorry you have already seen it. I had not and it seems there are a lot more who have not seen it either.
You have to give the Air Newzealand teem a big slap on the back for their initiative with this safety video. Hopefully the other airlines will catch up with alternatives.


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