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Delta Connection (SkyWest) flight unable to land in Mexico due to lack of paperwork

“Again, we do apologize," came over the intercom. Passengers on Delta flight 4507 From Salt Lake City to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, knew something wasn't right as soon as one of the pilots started talking on the intercom and the airplane started turning around. ( More...

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dee9bee 3
All the way from SLC to PVR on an RJ? OMG!
sparkie624 1
They were obviously tinkering fuel...
erisajd 1
it's pretty clear they were not tankering fuel since they could have flown back to Salt Lake if they were. . . .

if they had enough fuel to go roundtrip from SLC to PVR then they could have easily turned around and went back to SLC from near the border . ..
rboltz 1
It's how DL is keeping its promise of more service from SLC with out having to actually commit any of their own planes to do so. OO is based out of southern Utah, and is swimming in little RJs right now...
John Yount 2
My wife and I just returned from P.V. on that same flight a few weeks ago. I feel like an astronaut, a successful mission. Now its time to print the tee shirts, Puerto Vallarta or Bust.
salih şener 1
olu bazen
John Rogers 1
Help me out, does every flight originating in the U.S. and terminating in Mexico require separate paperwork? Isn't there some sort of overarching agreement between the airline and the federales in Mexico? Or maybe the cartels are mad at Skywest.
sparkie624 1
Yes, and the same thing to Canada or any other Foreign country.
Jim Ries 1
Someone help me out...who is to blame the pilot/s OR the airline?
sparkie624 1
The airline... It is the responsibility of the SOC department/Dispatch to have all the paper work ready and submitted prior to departure.
erisajd 1
and who should know if they have it or not?
erisajd 1
the pilots should not have departed without knowing the proper documents were onboard - ultimately its the PIC's responsibility, in conjunction with Ops.
Allan Fromm 1
Another "paperwork" example involving SkyWest flight that I was on a few years ago - a newer but not brand new CRJ-900 was delayed in Detroit well over an hour due to a Pilot discovering that there was no Airworthiness Certificate in the Galley. Flight had come in from GRR earlier in morning. The backroom at SkyWest operations seems to be lacking organization or personnel with fanatical attention to detail.
Paperwork must equal the weight of the crew before's always been a big deal.....we ran some Mexico flights years ago and the PIC would get a big folder before he seems these smaller countries have the "small man" syndrome where they love to humiliate the big bad USA if they get the chance.....
bentwing60 1
In my capacity as a GA jet guy we carry a lot of paper too. It just happens to be $20.00 dollar bills!
I go to Mexico, and never have a big folder. Do what's required for each port of entry, correctly and complete, and there won't be a problem.
Trinidad and Tobago on the other hand, have a Gen. Dec. fetish...
Anguilla, a walk in the park, or on the beach...
patrick baker -2
the Mexican aviation authorities sure are feeling their tacos today, Way to go for the tourism dollar. :NAFTA WAS supposed to bind us, mexico and Canada together for all kinds of common good. Gross stupidity on this level is laughable.
Ric Wernicke 2
You miss the purpose of NAFTA. It is to allow our neighbors to the North and South to make money in our economy, but not in theirs.

If I had my vacation to Puerto Vallarta cut short by a day, I'd consider it an upgrade.
sparkie624 -4
Figures.... What I can't figure out... With all the Mexicans coming to the US, why would anyone want to go there...
Jack Carson -3
Agree with sparkie624, why the hell would anyone want to go there. Planty of other options available.
Why not? It's a beautiful place!!!
sparkie624 -2
Then why are they leaving and coming up here were we cannot afford to have them. They Bring Nothing, Offer nothing, can't speak our language, we give them everything for nothing.... If it is so beautiful why do they not go there and live in their country.

It really makes me mad to go into a store and see a sign in English and Spanish... This is America, we speak English over here... If you can't then come to visit (legally) and then go home.
How did a lack of paperwork turn into bashing a country and it's people? If a foreign carrier landed in the US with improper paperwork, guess what? The Airline f 'ed up, it has nothing to do with Mexico enforcing their rules!!!
BTW, go to a restaurant in Mexico, the menu is in Spanish and English. Does it make them mad that they have to print English too???
erisajd -1
I've been a few places in border towns that had menus only on spanish . ..
Gustavo Costa 0
as it
Chris B -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Skywest 4507 denied permission to land in Mexico-returns to USA

First link you can track the flight of the aircraft to then back to the USA.

Clicking on this link for more on the story including video:
Chris B 1
Thanks for consolidating. I did look and didn't see the prior thread.
Jourdan Lee -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

SkyWest flight returns to Utah because of paperwork error

When the flight was within a hour to thirty minutes of landing and the plane turned around. The pilots told the passengers they couldn't land in Mexico because of a paperwork error.


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