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Alaska Airlines employee uses her own credit card to get stranded Delta passenger home

When a stranded Delta passenger came to her for help, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant didn’t just pay it forward, she pulled out her own credit card and paid out of her own pocket. Miriam Thomas was stranded in Ontario, California after the kind of nightmare flight scenario that stresses you out just to read about it. Thomas was trying to get home to Vancouver and immediately ran into issues with her ticket, which was issued without a seat assignment. She said that Delta employees told her… ( 기타...

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Some wacky sh*t going on at DAL these days. Thank G*D for Judy and Alaska
shoepuke 3
I avoid Delta at all costs. Living near Atlanta I (we... everyone originating a flight in Atlanta gets screwed) pay the highest fares in the country. Nothing like getting bent over by your "hometown" airline.
I used to fly cargo for NWO until the word came down that DAL was buying us. I cashiered my chips and went home to Canada where I can avoid DAL
Every day I hope for just a bit of good news. Today I find it here on Flight Aware. Great job Judy!
This is the sort of employee we all wish populated companies. Her willingness to help out another human being, not thinking about the cost, is what service is all about. I am not suggesting we all empty our bank accounts in order to service a customer, but there is so much we can do on a regular basis.

It appears that DAL did not go far enough to solve, according to article, what it caused in the first place.

I for one am glad when we got new air service, it went to ORD instead of DAL's hub of horrors at MSP.
Judy, Judy, Judy!
People doing the right thing for the right reason.... Sounds like the basis of a great company.
This (and several other reasons) is why I fly Alaska - whenever I can.
MODS: How did this 2016 thread come back to life?
Now THAT'S customer service. I didn't work for an airline, but all customer service professionals of a certain age remember Jan Carlzon, CEO of Scandinavian Airlines in the 80s, who insisted that counter people, gate people, and flight attendants provide all the "moments of truth" that turn customers into friends, and took care of those employees accordingly. Hooray for Judy. I hope and expect to hear on this page that her employer has richly rewarded her.
What a great employee!!!!!!! Nice to know that some airlines have employees that really give a hoot.
I believe Judy was a customer service (ticket) agent, not a flight attendant.
Well done Judy !!!
What would have happened to Miriam if she was truly stranded ?? I would do exactly the same thing myself and its terrifying to be stranded somewhere you don't know and run out of money !
God Bless Miriam!
Delta...Nice going you jerks....Amazing. This passenger through no fault of her own is stranded far from home because is incompetence and greed.
I am not anti business. Nor am I anti profit...None of that. But these air line horror stories are becoming all too frequent.
This is one more reason NOT to fly.
I am at the point where if the trip requires air travel I'd just as soon stay the heck home.
Alaska is the best! Hope they can fend off Delta! Long live Alaska Airlines!
BOO Delta! WOW ALaska!
This was an extreme situation, but I've found Alaska employees to helpful, friendly and courteous.
Can't say the same for Delta Crop Dusting of Monroe, LA.
themold 1
Because of employees like this flight attendant, ALASKA AIRLINES is a top rated airline.

This is 3 years old??????? That is the most recent you have? Sheeesh
In a world of bad news, this is a great story. I hope that management promotes this wonderful Lady.
Sadly, dear Judy will probably lose her job for not following company procedure. I'm sure it says quite clearly in the manual that every opportunity must be taken to jerk passengers around until they lose conciousness. This was not done so disciplinary measures will follow. QED.


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