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Air Canada passenger gives birth to girl on flight to Japan

It was a happy Mother's Day for a Canadian woman on an Air Canada plane that left Calgary en route to Tokyo, after she gave birth to a healthy girl somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on Sunday. ( 기타...

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So the plane was not crowded enough, now they have one more passenger onboard!
BaronG58 2
Yes..I wonder...did they make baby buy a ticket..8-)
Funny you should ask that. From a tongue-in-cheek tweet in the article:

"Baby born on Air Canada flight from Calgary to Tokyo. Child is fine but mom was charged for an extra piece of carry-on."
So now comes the obvious question. Obviously the baby girl's nationality is Canadian. But what would be listed as the place of birth?
canuck44 6
AC763-Row 23 Seats A&B
kev wu 1
Or would they list "Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean" as the listed place of birth..... or would they list the exact coordinates? lol
BaronG58 2
Coordinates plus flight level maybe?
Hope somebody had some spare diapers. lol
canuck44 3
LOL...if the "doctor" was a dermatologist, psychiatrist or Ophthalmologist he would need them to replace his underwear.
Did the baby clear Japanese customs without a valid passport :-)
tesluk 1
As a woman I am always shocked that a woman doesn't know she is pregnant. It happens but I truly don't get it. My understanding is because the flight originated in Canada that makes the child Canadian. Not a nice place for the mother to give birth with everyone hearing everything and so many things could have gone wrong. Thankfully mom and baby are fine albeit surprised.


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