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Southwest Pilots Announce Strike Preparation

The pilots' union at Southwest Airlines announced staffing and funding for a committee to prepare pilots and the flying public for a walkout, in case it cannot reach a contract deal with management in coming months. The new strike preparedness committee will work with outside consultants and others in the union, the Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association said in a news release. ( 기타...

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SWA pilots are already the highest paid in the industry. Yes they may fly more legs than the others but you get paid for what you do. There is no more room for pay raises. You fly a 737 seven legs a day and that's what you get. More $$$$$$--raise ticket prices.
s2v8377 2
You sound like SWA management :(

SWA pilots deserve every penny. A good contract at Southwest is good for all pilots even at other airlines.
Hardly the point.
The question one must ask is what do they want?
Money? Probably not because they aren't going to get it.
I'm thinking the union wants drivers to get the same for working fewer hours. That's a guess.
It's either that or the union standby "job security"...
David Rice -1
"Job security"? If that is what the union is seeking, they will have to get in line behind EVERYONE else on the planet. Seriously, job security can only be derived by keeping your personal skills current. If SWA pilots want job security, perhaps they should learn to fly drones.
No s2v8337. I'm not SWA management. I have many former fellow pilots at SWA. They paid for the type and deserve the pay. However, now I hear that time to Captain is soooooo long. Poor babies. Welcome to the seniority system. SWA had a nitch for a long time but now is moving into the legacy carrier world. United, Delta and American will rule the industry and I'm not glad about that.
SWA's fares are already among the highest of any carrier. In fact, where SWA has a presence with other carriers such as in CLT with AA, SWA's fares are identical to those cities to which both carriers serve.
Quite frankly, there is no real competitive pricing among carriers. If one is looking for a bargain, their best bet is to wait until a few days or even less to find deals for unsold seats.
Good luck
I remember when the former USAir was "the most frequent flier" in their advertising. Meaning the pilots and crew. They flew many of the short legs up and down the east coast. SWA took over that moniker but flew many more long legs. SWA does have the fastest turns and the crews work harder. Now they are trying to become more like a United, Delta or AA. Good luck.
and so the fun begins.........sorry to see this one........
I wonder what the pilots want that they don't have in the current, in limbo deal
having worked for an airline for many years (not in a pilots position however)I have talked to and worked with many,and also been around when strikes were an issue and passengers had to be taken care with most pilots unions,the issues usually boil down to scheduling,seniority lists,rest periods,number of hours flown per month,bid sheets,layovers,benefits from stock or other options,sick pay and time off,and with southwest,probably the new international routes and jet blue personnel..we ar not all "woefully outside of the knowledge base" mr meiggs..basically pilots unions,whether its apa or alpa have the same issues at contract time,and wn is now in the "big leagues" so to speak...
Union preparation for a strike, and the announcement thereof, is common practice and does not indicate that a strike is imminent.

The fact that this is occurring at SWA is unfortunate. The airline has demonstrated the image of "one big happy family" for quite some time but that seems to be diminishing. This strike talk, while it may be just that, nonetheless makes SWA more like the other airlines.
Wow, trouble in paradise?
Unless you're employed at Southwest or with one who is, you're more than likely woefully outside of the knowledge base needed to understand let alone comment on the issues at hand.
Well, since United pretty much flies everyplace Southwest goes, I guess those of us in the flying public, will simply choose another carrier. Remember, most of us regular travellers don't pay for our tickets anyway (our company/clients do), so the absence of one discount carrier won't really impact our weekly travel. Sorry unions, you just don't have the sway you think you do! Up with free market economics and down with socialist "workers revolutions"!
Well people, if you think you pay too much for safe nearly risk less air transportation, go out and buy yourself a Sentient Jet Card with 25 flight hours, or better yet a quarter share of a Net Jets Learjet. Price out a new Gulfstream lately. Too expensive. Learn to fly yourself. Just think of all of the wonderful people you will meet at the Greyhound Station.


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