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Alleged Airplane Hacker Also "Messed Around With The Space Station"

Last month, security researcher Chris Roberts was removed from a United Airlines flight, after the airline claimed he had endangered his fellow passengers by tweeting a message about potential security vulnerabilities aboard the aircraft. In 2012, Ars Technica reports, Roberts claimed to have hacked into the International Space Station, according to a recently discovered video. ( More...

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mskierki 8
This guy is either the best aero-space hacker to date or is full of BS. I wonder how long these scare tactics have worked in driving business to his company?
sparkie624 1
Either way we do not need him... Lock him him up for life...
I'm calling BS on this guy. If the US Government knew he had hacked into the ISS (as he claimed), he'd be in jail with no access to any IT equipment until he's dead. As for his claims regarding hacking into aircraft controls, including flying the plane "sideways," well, I'm also calling BS since there's no way the PF would not notice the inputs this guy has claimed to have made.
Brian Williams reported that it was all true...
Wanted to ask this question in relation to the original report about the aircraft "hack"... Assuming he did make one of the engines increase it's power, wouldn't the autopilot correct for the "adverse yaw" and if it couldn't then wouldn't the AP disconnect and create a slew of aircraft logs that would be amply documented?
K H 1
He's not full of BS, the FBI is. He's said pretty much nothing about all of this sh**. He hasn't been charged with squat. He's been working on this stuff for 5 years. The FBI is the one making this news.
bbabis 1
Yeah, and I hacked the UFO that flew over New Mexico the other day. For just a second or so I interrupted the cloaking system and that really seamed to piss them off and they "yelled at me." I don't know if they'll be back.
preacher1 1
Matt N 1
I call BS assuming the aircraft engineers are smart enough to isolate the WiFi from "critical systems" which would make it physically impossible to'd have to find another point of entry into the system. In other words using the in-flight entertainment system would not work.
mike SUT 1
Having a few thousand hours on A320's and A-330's I going to raise the BS flag on this guy.
There is NO link between the entertainment system, wi-fi system and the Flight Management Computers. Period. Totally isolated systems. No wiring between them. He's just trying to get his 15 minutes.
Bernie20910 1
Time to up this guy's medications...
I saw an interview with this man and he swears he "hacked in" to prove it could be done and how vulnerable airplanes are to hijack that time the claim about the space station had not yet been reported..i am not extremely knowledgeable of computer systems and their workings,but i too feel this man is full of "bs"..if what he claims to have done actually occurred,either on airplanes or with the space station, why was he not arrested???
preacher1 1
Got to be more than is being told here, after UAL has come out with their million mile deal for hackers. If I were them, I'd be interested in seeing how he got in. I also noticed they seem to exclude WiFi from their million mile deal. If that is the weak link, what's the difference?
joel wiley 1
I'd say that paying out $1 mil would be the difference, especially if they knew a hole existed. That would be fees for about 40,000 first bags.
Torsten Hoff 1
UAL's challenge is for anyone who can hack their website and reservation system. It specifically excludes flight control systems, onboard WiFi etc.


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