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Is There Anywhere Emirates Won't Fly? 100 New Destinations by 2025

Emirates will double the size of its fleet and begin service to 100 destinations once it transfers operations to Dubai World Central (DWC) by 2025. ( 기타...

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cparks 3
Not at all. Israel is a favorite whipping boy among many and faces undeserved ill intent. It's stupid and it's wrong.
it seems fun to play detective here, guessing which 100 cities will be new destinations. I start by making a list of airports that could accommodate 777 aircraft that have populations that could support any regular service. I expect to be surprised by the cities chosen, but off the top of my head I don't see another 100 places for emirates to serve. We shall see.
Chris B 2
Wonder if they will buy a US based airline.....
the executives of the cowering American carriers should quickly purchase economy tickets on each of the big bad nasty arab airines,, sit down , and then soberly go over their observations. Take a long haul flight , in economy, then realize this is what you are up against. Not subsidies, but value for dollars spent. Be better, give better, then you will have earned the right to prosper., to survive. Better terminals, better baggage handling, better in-flight service, better seats, - better than you are doing now is the requirement, and it is overdue. Running second-class operations, then bitching about the other guy who is better than you, is childish. Forget focus groups and consultants: begin again and do it right this time. Resign if you don't know how to salvage your business.
Sounds a lot like what happened in the Automobile industry.
fly to denver please.....
KMDT has 10000 x 200 on 13/31 and a KMDT-EGLL service would suit me.

I had hoped when they upgraded the terminals they would have added a connection and a station on the Amtrak line just outside the perimeter. (I was ridiculed when I suggested it). Amtrak has a regular service to Philadelphia and New York on that line and a train for Chicago runs by occasionally. The local airport people said it would take "20 years" to get an agreement with Amtrak and asked me "who would fund ?" the rail station and walkway.
Now maybe Emirates .....
Wouldnt count on them coming to Harrisburg! Keep plan on hopping on those 50-seaters for awhile
You never know, they may read his post and start service there.
At least you can drive to BWI and IAD.
I wonder if they will do any Caribbean destinations... That would be very interesting, though I don't foresee it.
If any, I could see Cuba and Barbados...
Haven't seen them in Anchorage either.
I would think that LAS would be a good choice. Lots of connecting flights in the West from there. The only non-stop flights to Europe or the MENA region are LAs to LHR and LGW. To go to CDG with Delta or Air France you need to make a connection in the U.S.
Hope they or Qatar will fly To CGY....
They won't be flying to CYOW, that's for sure
iflyfsx 1
Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.
here goes a wild ass guess: emirates buys 200 737-900's and puts 50 each in two cities in america and two other cities on the continent of Europe. I know delivery positions are tied up for a while with the 737-900's, but range plus 180 seats. give or take, and you will see their feeder system blossom speedily. You will get your 100 new cities with frequencies and high load factors, . I like this....
cparks 0
Arab countries, neé arab-owned businesses, refuse (a) to do business with the nation of Israel or purchase Israeli-made products, and (b) to even acknowledge Israel's right to exist at all.

To ask the question (you know, in the title?) "Is there anywhere Emirates won't fly" is a deliberate slap at Israel by ignoring the Arab-wide, and widely known, problem. This feigned ignorance, or pass if you will, is intolerable.
I'm sure the author used the title figuratively, you're just making a mountain out of a molehill!!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

cparks -6
Are you seriously that stupid Arab counties refuse to acknowledge Israel. What idiots.
cparks -3
So you are clueless too. Noted.
I guess, I just don't see how your comment was tied to the article...


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