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The Cartel That Makes Sure Airplane Tickets Never Get Cheaper

It’s been a windfall year for the industry, but you won’t be getting any better accommodations or more affordable fares. What gives? ( 기타...

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I stopped reading at this line: "The most ancient of these are the MD-80s, fundamentally a 1960s design. United and Delta still fly hundreds of them."
Apparently United flies MD80s -_- Really guys
I stopped reading at "gas-guzzling."

Silly me me for thinking the Mad Dog series burns Jet A-1. (apropos sarcasm intended)


계정을 가지고 계십니까? 사용자 정의된 기능, 비행 경보 및 더 많은 정보를 위해 지금(무료) 등록하세요!