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Two men found dead inside plane that crashed in Kenosha County, en route to EAA in Oshkosh

BRISTOL — Kenosha County Sheriff’s officials say two men were killed when a Zenith CH601XL airplane (N9601), last known to be en route to EAA in Oshkosh crashed in Kenosha County. ( 기타...

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BaronG58 2
Waited 20 hours to contact sheriff's office ??
“It looks like an interesting plane to fly in, but unfortunately this one didn’t turn out to be very safe for these two people,” speculated Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, although he has no earthly clue why the accident occurred.
jbqwik 1
From looking at the photos, it's something of a head scratcher: The gear is down; major parts attached and intact; it pancacked in. The right side body panel took a hit and canopy shattered. Do you suppose their heads hit the plexi?
“It was a pretty vertical descent and none of the trees are damaged here. There’s no area where it looks like the landing gear or the plane went through the brush. It appears the plane came pretty much down and landed and stopped right in the location it was,” Sheriff Beth said.

Anyone know what the weather was like at the time? Could it have been caught in some weather that caused a flat spin the pilot couldn't recover from? I'm not a pilot, and have no training in this area.

guess they didn't read the article put out by AOPA not to fly the CH601XL for reasons of inflight breakups
linbb 1
What make you think it broke up in flight? Were you there or just a tire kicker? All parts are on it according to the pix of it.
It's entirely possible that they already applied the 2009 SAIB that contained details of the safety modification kit.

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No tracking available on FlightAware for N9601, so it wasn't IFR and probably not VFR Flight Following.


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