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Power Outage Cancels, Delays Flights At Ontario International Airport

ONTARIO CALIFORNIA (CBS/AP) — Flights were canceled and delayed Wednesday morning because of a power outage in Terminal 2 at Ontario International Airport. Ticketing and baggage claim areas lost power when a transformer failed, according to airport police spokesman Robert Pedregon. Limited backup power has kicked in. Brian Parrish of Southwest Airlines says the airline has canceled eight flights so far — four in and four out. At least seven outgoing flights on various airlines were delayed for… ( 기타...

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Oh please, Ontario is so under utilized normal flight operations could have continued with the skycap holding a lit candelabra in the gate area.
Sad but true
Still in decline... sadly, used to practice night landings into this perfectly lit runway, and then being blown off the taxiway by inbound UPS n Fed-ex heavys - :D


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