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Qantas to make longest commercial flight in the world

. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the new Boeing 787-9 had the range to make the 14,000km journey from Perth to London - making it the longest commercial flight in the world 'This opens up direct service from Australia to Europe for the first time,' he said. The potential flight path would need two pairs of pilots, extra cabin crew and a proper rest area for airline staff. ( 기타...

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They are following the footsteps of the real Queen of the skies PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS when this was done using a B747-121 & B747SP-21
StarFlyr 1
I''ll bet you 5 bucks the B747-121 didn't fly that route WITHOUT a fuel spot. The B747SP-21 certainly may have had that range.
I was on a Pan Am 747SP LAX - SYD and return in 1979. Stopped in AKL westbound but non stop on return. I also recall (I think) a special non stop from LHR-SYD or MELon QF around 20 hours with special fuel and few Pax. Anybody know more?
In August 1989, QANTAS did a delivery flight via London, flying non stop London to Sydney in a little over 20 hours. It was done as a promotional exercise for their "Longreach" services using their new 747-400 aircraft. ("Longreach" also being the name of the town where QANTAS began.)

Although it was officially recorded as a commercial flight, there were only 23 people onboard, including crew and a few airline officials. They also used a special high density fuel.

The aircraft, VH-OJA "City of Canberra", is now retired and on public display with HARS just outside Sydney.
Check out the Great Circle route at:
It's no wonder why passengers who fly don't know what kind of aircraft they were on. "I don't know it had four engines but I think it was a Cessna or something..." Media's fault
I well recall the big deal it was for us in New Zealand when Panam introduced non-stop LAX/AKL using the 747SP. The layover in HNL prior to that was a real pain to us when travelling with very young children. The 747-400 did great things for NeW Zealand tourism.
We just spent 2 months in your fabulous country. We loved it and appreciate all that you do to preserve it!
mariofer 1
Journalism is going to hell. None of the images shown has the aircraft the article mentions the most. Understood, there may not be images available of the 787 on Qantas lively but come on, Boeing has plenty of pictures of that aircraft for media release.
I like the A380, but why would you have so many pictures of it in an article that focuses solely on the B787?
I don't believe that Quantas has a 787 at this time.
That,s spelt Qantas .
Oops. And "That,s" should be "That's". LOL!
Qantas looks odd w/o the 'u' for English speakers, but is an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territories Air Services.
Spelt is a form of wheat in American English, but acceptable past tense of spell elsewhere.
"," and "'" share a key on some keyboards and differ by <shift>
What makes it odd if that it is pronounced 'Kwantas' instead of "Kantas/ Usually a Q is pronounced like a K when the u does not accompany it.
They might want to reconsider that great circle! Passes right over Crimea and Ukraine. Don't need another MH17.
dfriede 0
Longer than this one?
8,700 miles is about 14,500 km, so slightly longer legs. Maybe they'd make it to Shannon?
Non stop Perth to Shannon. Hmmm let me think.

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