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Lets fly !!!
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Even local police dont have much faith in the TSA
Just find the sucker and shoot him.... Saves a lot of money and housing to conflict the idiot
instead of barricading out there, can't you just like get IN the building?
Only a fool would stand by that comment.
A fool I may be but I know a little about guns and the ammunition readily available to the general public in the US. The gunman may have had a AK-47 along with a pistol, but my guess he did not have armor piercing ammo on him. If he had the proper ammo, he would than have to be a very good marksman to hit a moving aircraft.

I was in New Orleans during Katrina, and we had a idiot shot at a hovering coast guard helicopter and missed with every shot. The pilot saw the gun flashes yet finished his lift before moving the aircraft.

If the risk were so high why did the officials allow departures to resume at the airport, while keeping the ground stop remain in effect for arrivals ?
You have to be kidding, and Armor Piercing is no problem.. Any ammo will work to down a plane if properly placed... Thinking about putting a few rounds in the engine or fuel tanks...
Ok, I give. Maybe it's better to on the safe side.
Good plan...

BTW, just think of what you could do with a tracer in a fuel tank :) and they are obtainable in the open market.. I have a few from a couple years ago...
Stand by my comment.
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Typical over reaction by the government.
I live in the neighborhood (2 blocks south of where this lunatic was holed up). Our little corner of heaven is right in the flight path of Lindbergh Field. The dude fired at least 40 shots out of his window sporadically and had a high-powered rifle which was more than capable of firing bullets at incoming aircraft. He at one point threw a weapon out of a window which fired off when it hit the ground. I was holed up in my apartment because this menace to society caused a shelter in place order to go into effect throughout the whole neighborhood because of how unpredictable he was. Believe me, this was far from what you would call a "typical over reaction by the government."

Safe travels.
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i'm glad to hear you are safe but still disagree with the hold.


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