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[Video] Two B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers Landing at RAF Fairford

B-2 Spirits land at Royal Air Force Fairford, England. Both active duty and Air National Guard airmen from the 509th and 131st Bomb Wings participating in hot-pit refueling and an engine-running crew change. These skills tests validate the vital importance RAF Fairford plays in projecting the Department of Defense's strategic bomber force to other areas of responsibility. Both aircraft and personnel deployments are part of regularly planned U.S. Strategic Command deployments of forces,… ( 기타...

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Hope they keep the pitot tubes dry
oowmmr 2
Makes me think of competition in design. Auto, Motorcycles and electronics seem to be even between countries. Aircraft that's another, the US is wings ahead.
Every time I see one of these things I don't think stealth, cost, flying qualities, cost, etc.I think Drag. They look like the only way they will go fast is off a cliff. At least a B1B or an F111 looked like they were suited for the role. And If they weren't so worried about the cost they might actually use them in combat other than in a no threat environment.
I believe the B-2 ~has~ been used in combat, no?
Yes, read the very last part of the statement. They will not risk them in an advanced SAM environment as they are too few and too costly!
Correct, they are not as invisible as the Air Force would like us to believe so if one got shot down, the claim that they are the best thing since sliced bread would be gone
What makes you think the US is "even" in autos, motorcycles or electronics? Not looking to pick a fight but the US has been lagging way behind in these industries in both design, new tech and manufacturing prowess. Military aviation is different because the US government throws so much money at it and it generally has to be made in the US for secrecy and security.
From the standpoint of a layman,"secrecy and security" is to hide it from the "bad guys". I can assure you that if you are not in the military, gubmint aircraft bidness you wouldn't suspect that it hides as many "warts" from the layman. And if you are, I wont expect a response. Just sayin.
Who else makes/designs all the best microchips in the World? Last time I checked Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Apple are American companies. Nobody "desires" Chinese or Russian microchips. Ford certainly sells vehicles all over the world and are headquartered in Dearborn Michigan. They don't sell because we "can't keep up". The UK (possibly Australia?) loves Ford I think more than we even do for that matter.

Our civil aviation isn't doing bad either, Between Boeing and now Airbus with a FAL here in the states. Once again if we can't "keep up" why did Airbus bring a facility online here again? Same with BMW, Toyota, and Honda having production facilities here. If we suck that bad they wouldn't bother would they?

You say you aren't looking to "pick a fight" then go ahead and do it anyway. Weird. Hate all you want but the world wants what we got. Okay, except Harley-Davidson but I digress. You can keep your two wheeled death traps.
I guess some people will take anything as a "fight". All I did is challenge the OP's "even" comment in the industries he put. Sure you can specify semi conductors, that's not synonymous with electronics, but the reality is that electronics, have largely exited North America a long time ago. The "American" (whatever that is now) car industry has not been seen as a leader for decades now by anyone other than the hardcore American flag waver, except in some niece vehicles (like pickup trucks). I don't know why you put in can't keep up in quotations as I certainly didn't even use the term. In terms of factories being located in the US by foreign companies, they are usually put their for access to specific markets, hedge against currency fluctuations, as well as avoiding tariffs and economic "tools"that governments use to keep them out of the markets. I guarantee you Honda didn't put plants in the US in the 80"s because they thought an American worker was better than a Japanese worker.

Don't be so sensitive. Its ok not to be the leader in everything!


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