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Southwest Sued For 2013 New York Landing

The suit filed by Kenneth Kochman in state supreme court in Queens County comes after another Southwest jet slid off a runway in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday, injuring at least nine people. "This incident and the recent incident in Tennessee show that Southwest needs to step up its pilot training and maintenance procedures," said Kochman's attorney, Hunter Shkolnik. ( 기타...

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cmp5n 3
Didn't the SW jet in Nashville miss a taxiway turn? The incident didn't have anything to do with the landing, right?
2 separate incidents. TN too recent for lawsuits to be filed... yet
linbb 3
Just another flashy way to get some money by the attorney for nothing.
Hey, the atty really had to work for it. He was on the scene to sign up clients before the a/c stopped sliding.
He probably injured his back carrying all those client records into courtrooms.
Not sure what maintenance procedures have to do with it
They probably left the gear pins in... (UGH, Pilots again in a rush and assumed someone else pulled them) - Probably not a maintenance issue, but it became one once the plane landed.
I wondered how long this was going to take... As an Ex-Employee refusing go to drop to there level, decided not to stay there.. SWA needs to step up there game and do things right.


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