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DC-10 Converted Into the World's Coolest Restaurant.

A photo essay at Welcome to La Tante DC-10 Restaurant, located just outside Kotoka International Airport in the friendly capital city of Accra, Ghana. For several years this venerable aircraft sat derelict next to a hangar, sans engines and wearing the sun-bleached colors of the defunct Ghana Airways. The hulk was destined for the scrap pile when, in 2013, it was refurbished into a full-service restaurant with seating for 118 passengers — er, diners. There’s something about… ( 기타...

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Cool, except Ghana isn't on my radar. Guess I'll settle for a burger on my wing in the hanger.
Oh take a chance what is the worst that can happen. Lol
I'm old enough that I value my time.
ttimtm58 2
Very nice decor, but I have been exposed to this concept back in the mid 60s when Jim Flannery opened his Constellation Restaurant right around the corner were I grew up in the Langhorne/Penndel area of Bucks County Check out the history here Pa.
One of the most beautiful birds to ever take to the sky. I remember them from the HNL - West Coast run when I was just a tyke.
Bill Fox 1
very cool I grew up in Delaware County but never remember this
ttimtm58 2
Its good to see her back in her glory after the restoration. She's a rare bird with a lot of history. I hope to go see her one day. Many memorable moments in the lounge back in the!
If I recall correctly, there was a Constellation used as a restaurant bar at Toronto International Airport (Now Pearson Airport) for a number of years in the early 80's
There is still a Connie that is used as a resturant but I can't remember where it is at. I heard about it 6 months ago. If I think of the name and place I'll repost it
There was a post on here last year about a 737 restaurant at an airport in Arkansas.
You are right Wayne...that Connie was parked at Regal Constellation Hotel (I wonder where that name came on Dixon Rd and used as a bar
Bill Fox 2
I have seen this airplane nightclub in Cuenca Ecuador many times, but afraid I am bit old to party there, its pretty cool though scroll down, my daughter lives nearby and I will see if I can get the name of this place.
Super aircraft. Enjoyed my flights to Africa. I am pleased to read that the DC10 lives on. Tony Lopes
Nice theme for a Restuarant Venue at an Airport Location, not to mention a second use (Reuse) for Plane. Well done and Congratulations and best wishes.
Several attemps to do the same in the USA failed (NSB FL). The cost overruns to comply with the(ADA)American Disabilities Act and building codes make it cost prohibitive.
wylann 1
Working on an MD11F here now. Scheduled departure date is mid-Feb. :)
This was done years ago in my home town of Penndel pa, just outside of philly. The Connie (colloquially known as the Penndel airplane) was taken down in 1997 to Dover AFB to be restored. I even knew the last owners of the restaurant!


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