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Royal Air Force Scrambles Jets to Intercept Russian Bombers Heading Toward UK

British jets were sent to intercept Russian bombers that were headed toward the U.K., the Royal Air Force has said. The U.K.’s Ministry of Defense said it scrambled RAF Typhoon jets as two nuclear-capable Russian Tu-160 Blackjacks were noticed heading toward U.K. airspace. A spokesperson with the ministry told MailOnline that the jets are currently in the U.K.’s area of interest, but they haven’t entered U.K. airspace. ( 기타...

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Thanks to the Royal Air Force .
A regular occurrence off our shores since the outbreak of the Cold War. Less frequent now, but still happening. I'm sure we "do it to them," as well, but it isn't reported.
Not the kind of news I want to read :(
This is precisely the reason why we should never allow machines to do what humans do now. Machines cannot assess a threat. Only react to it.
So lets say some powerful nation decides to buy some super duper computer system to control its defense against threats. And suppose said system detects the Russians and starts cutting loose missiles and blows one or both of the bombers out of the sky?...Not good.
Very interesting! I had not realised that their operational fleet is as few as just sixteen least the B1B Lancer outnumbers them by nearly four to one!
Wiki says 11 are combat ready. What a beast of a plane.
Who started Jules, the UK?
Probably just came close to see if anybody was awake ??
eddyandy 3
Countries do this to test other's response.
I agree with Edgardo Barreto.
Pse. stop this propaganda.


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