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Royal Brunei Airlines' first all-female pilot crew lands plane in Saudi Arabia - where women are not allowed to drive

'As a woman, a Bruneian woman, it is such a great achievement. It’s really showing the younger generation or the girls especially that whatever they dream of, they can achieve it' ( 기타...

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Congratulations. A poke in the eye to the Saudis!
So , did a guy hopped on board to taxi it to the gate?
Nothing like a view from the box office.... oops.
Obviously the Muslim country didn't care or the plane would have never been allowed entry. What's the big deal? Is it a Muslim thing or is it a male ego thing. Quite honestly, what goes on in the cockpit, as long as they have a license and know what they are doing, I don't care what sex they are.
While the story makes good press for the status of Muslim women, one of the side panel stories was titled:
Brunei Sultan warns those celebrating Christmas could be jailed

You can follow the link from the story.
Tis a complex world in which we live.
you mean like Trump warning the Muslims? Come on man...It's their country. Three cheers for the women BTW
So, Martin, what's your point? The plane wasn't any heavier for them than a heavy would be heavy for a male pilot. The theory of and design of cambered wing wasn't any different for them than it would be for a male. It's all based on the old nonsense about "anything "You" can do, "I" can do better and the selfish, warped, narrow minded Me Tarzan You Jane of Middle Eastern male chauvinism! So what did they do that women are made not to do? Good for the ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!CTP
Ok take out the word heavy and just Muslim ladies landing in a Muslim country where Muslim women can't drive.
But Martin, she wesn't driving, she was flying! I've never been able to show my drivers license in place of a pilot's licence. I'm still waiting for my answer so let me repeat, "What's your point?"...........CTP
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Oh Charles, for goodness sakes. His point is they can't even drive, so even more amazing they've qualified to be commercial pilots. Got the point?
No, because they got their pilot;s licences in a country that didn't give a rats's behind what and who they were. They had the acumen and money and ability to chew gum and walk at the same time---their flight school didn't ask their religion! That's my point!!
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Not fun:

Sultan of Brunei threatens Muslims who celebrate christmas with up to five years in prison while Christians must keep theirs secret:
I'm on Ozark Trail's team. Seems we seem to judge people's worth, talent and depth by our own idiosyncratic existence. Seems they got it up and down with no negative headlines. Hurrah for them!...CTP
It is not based on our own selfish standards, it based on a female crew piloting a heavy aircraft landing in their won country where they can not drive a vehicle. Its about them and their country.
.... their own country...
The flight was from Brunei to Jeddah and that is about a 5000 mile leg (hence 3 pilots). So the flight landed successfully in a foreign country where they would not be allowed to drive a car rather than in their own country which is a lot more enlightened.
I think they are Bruneian rather than Saudi.
I think if a PIC is female & F.O is female good luck to them but I hope they only FIFO on that flight as in that country DOGs & Pets are higher in respect there so again good luck ladies

( flyin flyout )
Congratulations to Female Flight Crew,
But ladies be wary that country think more about dogs and pet than they do about female gender.
Yes, wonderful, but can they park it?😳✈️
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Women Land Plane in Country That Doesn't Allow Them to Drive

Royal Brunei Airlines' first all-female pilot crew landed in Saudi Arabia last month to celebrate Brunei's National Day.
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Now that's funny, there is always more then one way to skin a cat, way to go RBA and ladies.
Great girls doing a great job. The Muslims in South Arabia are as backwards as they were when they were kicked in the ass from Spain by Queen Elizbeth....
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Pfffft @ "girls".

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Royal Brunei All-Woman Crew. A Political Statement?

Now in Ask the Pilot: Royal Brunei Airlines' 787 with an all-female cockpit crew. Was the Flight From Bandar to Jeddah a Political Statement? Plus: Apartheid Remembered, and the Troubling Double Standard of Saudi Arabia.

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Not sure who you are attacking (again) Mike. It was an all female (muslim) crew wit a captain trained in the UK flying a US built airplane. Who needs to stuff? Who needs to be treated as a minority? All of them, the Saudis or the Bruneis? Do you even know where Brunei is?


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