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Incident: British Airways B747 over Atlantic and New York on Apr 16th 2016, engine shut down, hydraulic and brakes problems after go around

A British Airways Boeing 747-400, registration G-CIVJ performing flight BA-206 from Miami,FL (USA) to London Heathrow,EN (UK), was enroute at FL320 about 420nm east of New York's JFK,NY (USA) Airport when the crew decided to divert to New York due to an engine #3 (RB211) surge. The crew needed to shut the engine down.. ( 기타...

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jbqwik 9
super-safe a/c. Can't blame it for the occasional mechanical issue.
my own opinion is the Boeing 747B is a safe aircraft and can actually fly on one engine if need be it has a good track record of being safe except for a few mishaps over the years which were not the fault of the aircraft such as the BA 747-200 over Jakarta which went through a volcanic ash cloud and the engines restarted and they landed safely pilot era caused the KLM PAN AM 747b in 1977 at Teneriffe airport it is a legionary aircraft and still the Queen of the skies today I trust the Boeing 747B all versions
n9341c 1
Try puncutation once in a while.
allench1 1
My comment was in reference to no comment about the subject line. Have a nice day.
allench1 1
get over yourself professor this is an aviation site not a classroom.
jbqwik 1
I'm going with n9341c on this. I feel that laziness, whether work ethnic or literary, makes the rest of us work harder. If andrewcarter747b doesn't want to make the effort then why should I in order to decipher it? Yes, I'm old school, it's the way I was taught.
allench1 1
I agree,but when posting on a iPhone or any cell phones it's easer to not correct. You already have to fight auto correct as it is and by the way I also am old school. 70 yrs old retired 747 driver. Have a nice day
Gary J 3
If this had been Airbus there would be all kinds of hate.
A great air craft. I have tken many long distance flights from Canada to various destinations in Africa.
Chris B 1
My only concern here is on Pilot teamwork and work flow. They missed call outs from ATC and may have missed other items.. Decisions on the ground may well be investigated by the Company.

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