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(Video) St. Elmo’s Fire during Aerial Refueling

St Elmos Fire during Aerial Refueling of E-4 by KC-135 ( 기타...

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Used to see this all the time on the windshield in a high speed descent going through cumulous clouds. Fun to reach ip and touch the windscreen and watch it dance. However, go fast enough and you get to experience the big boom as it discharges. Combination of temp, speed and airmass.
For some reason, that would make me nervous.
Looks more like a static discharge between the planes (like the hot stick from choppers to high tension wires) rather than St. Elmo' Fire. I think they're different phenomena. I've seen both.
I get that the E-4B routinely follows the POTUS around during his travels, but it's still unnerving to know one of these is in the air given it's mission.


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