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Trump gets grounded jet flying again by selling it to himself

Smart move but sad commentary on the FAA which can't take the $5 fee and issue a new form when an aircraft's paperwork is otherwise up to date. Someone in Trump's organization knows how to work around the bureaucrats. ( More...

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joel wiley 5
And I will bet the transaction occurred in a venue that does not have ad valorum transfer taxes.
Delaware comes to mind. Lol
paul trubits 2
It was reported that it indeed was Delaware.
Gary Harper 2
The re-registration requirement every 3 years is a ridiculous requirement. There was nothing wrong with the previous registration requirement, which was required upon the change of address or change in ownership. The FAA must have too many employees. Maybe a change is forthcoming if Trump is elected as president.
The presence or absence of the registration does not make an aircraft unairworthy. This is a paperwork, technical detail which, of course, must be complied with to satisfy the letter of the law (FAR). For many years prior the registration was good forever so long as the owner did not change. Many thought the 3 year renewal was the precursor of user fees but, so far, it has remained at the nominal $5.
joel wiley 1
Note 'so far'. Goole ' spot bill California' for apparent inocuous insertions.
Typical government operation. No common sense applied or allowed.
allench1 0
i second that.

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So it makes sense to you that it takes a long time to get an expired registration renewed but only a couple days to get a totally new one?
JD345 2
Typical left wing regurgitation. Like noting that government agencies are notoriously inefficient is making an ideological stand.

Maybe the government that governs the particular rock you're living under is a model of efficiency, but here in the grown-up world there's thousands of overpaid apparatchiks printing out PDF files to scan them into PDF files. They are certainly grateful they have an acolyte on Flightaware to snip off at people that would dare question the work ethic of a federal employee.
btweston 0
So it seems as though people believe that if paperwork is not in order we should pretend it is because...

I'm having trouble following that one. Are you saying I don't really need a driver's license?
Gary Olson 1
Only in Delaware
Gina Moretto -2
One aircraft out of thousands of aircraft flying was grounded by a FAA aviation safety inspector (ASI)and I am certain that it was not the only aircraft on that day that was unairworthy. The ASI picked that aircraft at that airport at that moment in time...sounds like preplanning the grounding action. It appears that the ASI perhaps acted borderline at best unethical behavior by using position of authority to preplan this grounding action. ASIs have access to databases where we research and can track any N registered aircraft. The ASI should be investigated; but, wait, that would cost me and millions of other taxpayers $. So, instead, the ASI is probably getting accolades from coworkers and management and I am certain that the ASI acted unethically to ground that aircraft. ASIs have the right to ground aircraft anytime aircraft are unairworthy. I think that the FAA should be transparent and release publically which Flight Standards District Office that general aviation ASI works. And if the ASI is not general aviation; but, perhaps an aircarrier inspector assigned to certificate management team, shame on that ASI. FYI, I am not a Trump fan. I want everyone to know that time and taxpayers money was spent on the ASI tracking down Trump's aircraft to ground it. Selective grounding. Yes, taxpayers and my tax money was spent on my reply here; but, America should know the rest of the story. Which is... come on.... let us know the rest of the story. Fox news should get a brain and jump on this juicy one.
Cecil Clark -6
Sounds like someone needs to be fired. FAA registrations are now renewed every 3 years and they send out a renewal notice to the owner/operator 6 months in advance. It's not like Trump is running a fleet of airliners. The Chief Pilot or manager of the fleet is probably a good-looking, former FBO restaurant waitress Trump hired. Imagine how a Secretary of Transportation will run things is he's elected Prez. lol
btweston 4
Yeah. If he's elected Prez. You're funny.
allench1 1
why do we have people like you always turning a story into a defamation slanderous idiotic remark. This is an aviation site and should be respected with integrity that you obvious choose not to show.
Cecil Clark 11
Stated a fact. I own an airplane and have to re-register every 3 years. The rest wasn't defamation--just tongue-in-cheek humor. If a retired Army school teacher can remember to renew an aircraft registration for a Cessna 100 series, a multi-billionaire's employees should be able to remember to renew the Citation X registration, too.
allench1 -2
I am sure he had someone else managing his fleet of aircraft. Don't know about Cessna 100. I do however know about an F4B and various commercial aircraft I have flown over my 40
Presumably you kept the registrations for those aircraft current at all times. ;)
Michael Lewis 0
Technically, if that registration was expired, couldn't any one of us gone in and paid the fee to have that tail number and then, in essence, taken it from him and if he wanted it, would have had to come back to us to "buy" it back?
David Barnes 4
It appears there's a grace period in which an expired registration is held for the previous owner before being released to the available pool.

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ToddBaldwin3 9
There's really no need to yell in this forum, unlike someone you obviously dislike, that likes to yell a lot.
Jim DeTour 1
You mean all of my military orders 1, 2, 3 or 4 pagers orders on paper were every word yelled at me? Go tell the pentagon to quit yelling. Oh I know, must be due to all the explosions around us. Thanks for the classical joke.
Nice 'kick me' sign you hung on yourself :)
Mark Andrew 7
Get over it, Robert. While many don't care for him, he will be a better alternative to Ms. Clinton.
beilstwh -4
Anything would be a better alternative to trump. He would be the worst president we ever had or will have.
allench1 2
Another far far right liberal view that speaks on something of which he knows little aboutOnce again this is not a political forum.
allench1 1
Far left not right must be leap year.
allench1 4
U r yelling when using all capital letters and ur comments r from an uneducated mind. I think Trump has proven his acumen and business skills so just maybe u should tone down your hate spewing.


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