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FAA Denies L.A. Anti-helicopter Petitions

Last week the FAA denied a quartet of petitions that sought to impose helicopter minimum altitudes; mandatory routings; and hover, orbit and pooling restrictions on tour and electronic news gathering (ENG) operators for all helicopters operating within the Los Angeles Basin. The petitions were filed by various groups of anti-helicopter activists under the umbrella group known as the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition. ( 기타...

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canuck44 12
Good move by the FAA. Had they granted this, the same crowd would then go after fixed wing aircraft demanding restrictions that would undoubtedly impact safety and operational efficiency. There will always be one group or another butthurt over something over which they have no control but demand to have it.
Brought to you by SBAWBA (Squirrely Birds Against Whirly Birds Anonymous)perhaps?
What appears to be over looked here; the air space above the surface's private own property is considered private air space from surface to infinity, therefore I'm concerned that both commercial fixed and rotary a/c(excluding law enforcement) are confiscating private property without compensation not to mention violating the local noise ordinances. I find it absurd that there are those who choose to be selective as it relates to Government control. Either "keep the Feds out of our business" but permit the Feds to intervene only if it's beneficial. They do not want the Feds imposing gun control restrictions, yet it's ok if the Feds intervenes by confiscating private property and benefiting "for Profit" commercial a/c.
canuck44 2
That at one time was true but now the FAA has authority for all air 500 feet and above, essentially as an easement to the government of all property owners. Likewise many jurisdictions limit mineral rights below individual properties.
Your comment only applies to a five miles radius of an airport and is related to private-owned Drone restriction. Any one attempting to have you believe otherwise is "pulling the wool over your eyes".
I resided in a community near a major airport hub that requested an received approval from the FAA to modify their departure flight vectors. Property owners residing under and in close proximity of those revised departure vectors received one-time noise abatement assistance for their residence and compensation for utilizing their air space.
canuck44 2
Sorry, it is everywhere as by the old logic each property owner could make a claim against any aircraft ovrhead. Here is the relevant legislation:
srobak 0
Not sure how you came to the conclusion about infinite private property. That has never been the case. In fact - the definition regarding the airspace reads that it only protects items that are in some fashion attached to the ground and the direct airspace that the protrusion occupies.
Untrue! I recently resided in a community near a major airport hub that requested and received approval from the FAA to modify their departure flight vectors. Property owners residing under and in close proximity of those revised departure vectors received one-time noise abatement assistance to their residence and compensation for utilizing the air space.
Yet; there are those associated with some airports and TRACON would have one to believe they have unrestricted usage of private air space rights.
What is the monetary source of the compensation? Who is paying it?
Here is the FAA Decision 2 on LAAHNC noise petition:

and a news report with a little background information:
As a crew chief in the Marines many years ago flying in the "greater" metropolitan area of LA (Orange County), I can attest to the marine layer (June Gloom) that was ever present in the mornings. It does restrict how high one could fly. While we did have some specific routes to fly to and from the base, it invariably included flying over residences no matter where we went, be it Silverado Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains or down to Camp Pendleton that took us over Laguna Hills.

Flying ground controlled approaches into Los Alamitos Army Air Field even took us over Disneyland (which is great at night due to the fireworks and getting to see them from above them). The one thing about flying helicopters is one needs to keep their eyes open and head on a swivel due to all the other aircraft in the sky. Flying at a reduced altitude helps to alleviate some of it, but not all of it.
These anti-noise Bozo's are using pretext to attempt to remove rights to use airspace by the public that has been long settled.

These clowns are from the same stripe that demands cities organize special parking districts to prevent the public at large from parking in front of their house. They would take for themselves public property that everyone pays for, and should be free to use.

Their true agenda rises from some self-styled privacy rights that do not actually exist in law or equity. The FAA is correct to limit their restrictions and permissions to operate strictly on the basis of flight safety.

While conciliatory in their approach in seeking to get co-operation with flight operators to use alternate routes and hovering techniques, the FAA has rightly refused to take any action that might be interpreted to be a violation of First Amendment rights of the press.

linbb 2
Soon those whackos down in CA will take care of themselves they want to limit everything except what they want. And what they want runs from absolute gun control to controlling everyone's lives and the way they live except what they decide is right.
U.S. circa pre-21st century: Land of the free, home of the brave.
California, circa 2016: land of the self absorbed, home of the entitled whiners
Bob Hope Airport is so far behind because it is held hostage by the people. Santa Monica has made so many great strides that is being fought by the people around them
While I don't agree with them, the statist Angelenos should be able to regulate what they want and live with the consequences. Federalism is broken. Those in DC don't have a monopoly on being right. Need to have laboratories of democracy to see what works, not regulatory monarchies who may not get it right.
You have a good point, but I am not sure it is applicable to the subject in the greater LA area (is there a lesser LA area?). They do not seem to be looking for a democratically achieved outcome, but one of akin to the DC 'regulatory monarchies' writ somewhat smaller. These protestations remind me of Al Capp's protest group 'Students Wildly Indignant over Nearly Everything'
Helicopters, especially Police choppers are limited where they can go by the LAX (& other airport) flight paths. Makes it tough when pursuing criminals & the near daily car chase.
There will always some one complaining about things that they don't have an interest in. They complain just to hear themselves complain. They'ed complain if they were hung with a new rope ... They just like to beiatch and cause disruption. Doesn't mater what just Beiatch about something. Makes'em feel good or something.


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