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Boeing Mulls Larger Engine For Biggest 737 MAX

Boeing is considering a plan to put a larger engine on its biggest narrowbody airliner in an effort to blunt the runaway success of a rival Airbus jet that outsells it by four to one, industry sources said. ( 기타...

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We are witnessing Boeings public spanking for not developing a timely successor to the 757. Not sure if any aircraft accommodate "Lacalories" but it appears Airbus is prepared to address those as well.
I think everybody saw this coming. they were eventually going to stretch the 737 so much it was going to be as big or bigger than the 757
An $11 billion order to Boeing and US being able to sell arms to Vietnam-all within the same week. Coincidence? I think not!
Would be nice to see someone be held accountable for the imbalance in sales compared to Airbus. But its easier to blame the entity "Boeing" than it is the person who signed off on the strategies that have led to this.
randy tinseth might be a place to start.
this guy sounds like one of those hamster managers. just spinning the wheels not looking for a solution. sound good, look good, just waiting for the golden parachute. if the 757 had such an expensive manufacturing process, whose fault is that randy tinseth? because i know i didn't have anything to do with it. they have a very large number of eggs in the 737 basket and the chickens are roosting.
you mean turn it into a NG 757.
Tim Marks 10
More engine = more passengers = less space - don't fit now (6'3" 275lbs) can't wait!
I sympathize with you, however, guessing that the average size (not realistic anymore) is what the airlines base their economy cabin seating on: 185 lb., 5'11". At least there is an option available (albeit at a cost) to get you more room.
ADXbear 2
I drive now. To small, don't care about people with disabilities that can't fit in the Lacalories let alone the sests... if I have to fly, I buy 2 sests...
Very Interesting ...back in the early 1970s ..when we had a billboard here in Seattle that noted "The last one to leave Seattle Turn off the Lights" the 737 program was receiving serious thoughts about being cancelled!!! Fast forward these 40+ years & Boeing is producing 737s at the rate of 43 per month!!!!
The best bet is buying the 787-8, fr range, payload, and comfort.
The 737 & 757 body is pretty much the same,except material gauges. The 757, 767 & 777 upper Cab are close to the same. It really needs a new wing & engines.
Can someone explain to me why they don't just pickup the 757, MAX it, and rebuild the tooling? I'm sure there is a reason, for if there isn't, there are some very short-sided people at Boeing making the call.


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