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Air Canada Flies 300 Firefighters from Johannesburg, South Africa to Assist with Alberta Wild Fire

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa and EDMONTON, AB, May 29, 2016 /CNW/ – Air Canada flight AC7007 departed O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa early today en route to Edmonton, Alberta with 300 South African firefighters on board. ( 기타...

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Here's a video of their dancing and singing upon arrival in Edmondton.
Granted there's gotta 300 plus well qualified (and very willing) firefighters within driving distance here in north america but sweet gig for them. Be safe out there!
canuck44 -3
I can't imagine why they don't employ all the "refugees" that Trudeau is importing at great expense to the Canadian taxpayer.

Yeah, I can't imagine how a trained firefighter would fight fires any better than a random refugee.
Racist remarks not appreciated or relevant to the post
canuck44 1
There is nothing racist about posting about Canadian policy where refugees of various countries are imported at great expense to the Canadian taxpayer....Refugee is not racist and can be any group dumped into the country, unemployed, unskilled, illiterate in English/French and sent to communities that are expected to support them while Native Canadians continue in poverty. You obviously attended the University of Victimology and Butthurt.
You sound like our Republican candidate. As a pilot I would assume that you value training and that you would not support putting "unskilled" people into dangerous jobs.That is what you are suggesting. It also demeans the skills and professionalism that the SA firefighters bring with them. May they all be safe and the people of Ft McMurray get back to their homes safely for those who still have homes.
He sounds more like an arrogant idiot trying to bring political meandering to a civilized flight forum....Im wondering how he knows they are unskilled and illiterate in english and/or french...please leave those kind of postings in a political forum!
Theoretically...we're all the same "race"!


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