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Philadelphia airport workers vote to strike during DNC

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Workers at Philadelphia International Airport have voted overwhelmingly to walk off the job during the Democratic National Convention later this month. ( More...

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dee9bee 4
Philly is a very unionized city, surprised that these folks aren't unionized by now. The dems are their best friends. I guess they can't afford to travel to Cleveland? Another subject: Do we need these conventions at all in this day and age? Rant Over...
Ric Wernicke 3
Just judging by the service I receive at the Philly airport anyone would be hard pressed to tell you if they were on strike or not.
Jim Quinn 3
I've had a few discussions with Philadelphia natives over my years as a factory rep as well as with thousands of reps who, like me, attended multiple large trade shows each year. The worst place for trouble with unions in the country is Philadelphia, and the natives even verified that the unions have caused a number of organizations to go elsewhere in the country for their international conventions. One native even said that HE was lifetime union in Philly and was disgusted because of the unions being so hard for the attendees to deal with. There is no telling how much business the city has lost. Chicago was pretty bad, as was St. Louis, but even though Las Vegas convention workers were heavy union members, they have always been fantastic for business! They KNOW what it means to do a good job, and they are the most accommodating, helpful and downright mannerly convention workers in the country! Top flight folks.... My favorite convention city simply because of the great teamwork effort of the locals. The other stuff outside the building is just the cherry on top. It seems very strange that the Philly unions want to go against the very people who supposedly are their blood brothers/sisters.
Roy Hunte 3
What does walking off the job have to do with the democratic convention? I don't think it would help anything!
guy lever 8
they get more press doing it during such a high profile event
linbb 2
Looking for higher wages that the Demos are getting in elsewhere. Both of the top runners for the Demo ticket campaigned with that as one of the things. That will fix everything..................oh well.
They're democrats. They don't care about their jobs because the government is going to take care of them.
bentwing60 -3
Uh-huh, just like they have the Rhodesian-Muricans and the coal industry which has always been heavily unionized and Dim bulb voters.
Sort of figures for Democrats.


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