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Emirates 777-300 crash-lands at Dubai airport

An Emirates Airline flight from India caught fire after making an emergency landing at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday, but all 300 passengers and crew escaped from the burning fuselage, authorities said. ( More...

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Frank Harvey 30
Somebody did a good job training their Cabin Crew.
Exactly, they proved how important cabin crew is under all circumstances.
boughbw 14
Everyone safely evacuated? That is incredible. At least there is good news from what could have been the worst possible news.
joel wiley 12
Reuters is reporting that a firefighter died battling the fire. RIP
Story said "Tower 'reminded' the crew to put the gear down". Oh boy...

Also, no mention of crew declaring an emergency - maybe why the fire engines took a few minutes to arrive?

I think there will be a lot more to this story.

Congratulations on safely evacuating all onboard. That's a fantastic achievement.
David Loh 1
Don't read too much into the "reminder". I have sat in the cockpit numerous times before and at an airport where i was stationed, during the approach it was routine for tower to remind the crew to check that landing gear was down and locked
Paul Claxon 1
Three greens !
Norman Atwater 11
I just a passenger and know nothing about flying an air plain but i think the airline MFG need to look at having some way of having the cabin crew throwing a switch that would LOCK the over head bins in a emergency or in the pilot check list on ALL landings LOCK the over head bins on any landing. I see it all the time as a passengers people trying to get things out of the overhead bins while the plain is taxing to the gate and the cabin crew has to tell them to sit down . Have the cabin crew make a announcement before landing the overhead bins will unlock when the plain comes to a complete STOP ate the gate . How simple is that
lakemountain 1
I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be effective and may actually have a negative effect in an emergency. In an emergency situation people do not act rationally, hence the reason why people try to get their stuff rather than getting the hell out of there. If the overhead bins are locked people will undoubtedly block the aisles while they try to get it open. Apart from intensive training for every passenger, the only real options would be to restrict carry on (unlikely) or the current method where cabin crew are given significant training for being calm and very assertive in those situations.

Passenger behaviour during emergencies is a fascinating research area. e.g. The reason all the safety demos and videos show you how to lift the buckle on the seat belt is because people are familiar with the mechanisms in their cars. People were found to be trapped in their seats or have difficulty to do something simple like lifting a the flap on the buckle because the rational part of the brain is not in control.

Research has shown those who pay attention to the safety demos and videos rather than reading their books or whatever have a higher survival rate.

Everything is factored on being able to evacuate the plane in 90 seconds, and that should be possible with half the exits blocked. Apart from the death of the fireman, this accident appears to be close to an ideal outcome. Everyone got out before the entire thing went up in flames, despite being at a modern well resourced airport. It's almost surreal that you can be happily flying along and within 2 minutes you need to be running from the plane. The injury rate from this accident is actually lower than what you'd typically expect from an evacuation.
very simple and brilliant idea !
until passengers start freaking out they can't get their stuff.
If this ever came reality people that fly will know about this as time goes on and would be reminded by the cabin crew when they make there announcement that they are about to land . Some thing else that bothers me is just as the plain is ready to land people have to get up and use the rest room they have been setting some times hours and now it is time to go to the bathroom . I take a 14hr flight from Atlanta to Korea and this always is the way.
Ken McIntyre 0
Locks then while the flight attendants are seated. Alternately, the flight attendants could operate it,
Ken McIntyre 0
It would be more simple to lock the passengers in their seats!!!
joel wiley 1
Or perhaps issuing amd training flight crews on the use of cattle prods for these situations. Seems to me getting your clients off alive is the penultimate customer service.
Er.A.K. Mittal -1
Collect fare ( to keep the fire burning )
DO NOT CARRY them on board ....
Will save on many incidentals , in cash and in kind ...
No ?
Max Bradford 0
Great idea.....
Ken McIntyre 0
We have a winner!
That is a terrific idea
Jeff Lawson 4
Flight track for UAE521 --

Aviation Herald's incident summary --

Aviation Safety's incident summary --
Youtube overlay of this courtesy of VAS Aviation, with ATC included from LiveATC:
Kevin Haiduk 1
That was a good video. Thanks for posting.
Jim DeTour 0
Wow FlyDubai FDB848 blew it having only 7 minutes reserve for holding pattern. Might be an investigation on that flight too. I'm sure there are some local Saudi's and UAE guys that would like a reason for that trick in the land of fuel. The flight just left Riyadh Airport.
Cade foster 2
After the initial period of denials by the pilots/airline, we will know the reason(s) for the crash.
i fear a human error ...
Dolf Brouwers 2
a go around was initiated but the aoa was to big resulting in a tailstrike and crashing back on the runway shearing off the maingear.
Deep regret for the firefighter who lost his life, they are reak heroes RIP
Highflyer1950 1
Actually, a missed approach initiated at a very low altitude may allow the main wheels to contact the runway, with little or no damage occurring. It is also part of the autoland certification, I believe, however autoland was not selected to my knowledge. Some airlines allow landing flap settings less than full for gusty/crosswind conditions but I can't believe the crew would have only approach flaps set for landing in which case the gear warning would only activate when the thrust levers were retarded to idle, around 50', very unfortunate but extremely fortunate for the pax and crew. The recorders will tell the story.
MSU Sparty 2
Are we sure the gear was down?
Sound more like the gear was in transit. Waiting for the report
alfio baldini 2
My condoleances to the family of the fire fighter, heroic act
Frank Harvey 4
Having witnessed "normal" disembarkation of flights from the sub-continent I still can't imagine how they managed to get everyone out of and away from this hulk without deaths or serious injuries, especially with reports that some evacuees experienced smoke inhalation meaning they must have been proximate to combustion.

How do you stop 280 plus panicking sheep from blocking up the exits, get them out and down the slides without their carry-ons and duty-free, and herd them safely away from the debris without being run over by the ARFF ?

There used to be a saying "amateurs practice to try and get it right, professionals practice so they never get it wrong". I guess there must have been a professional crew on EK521.

Them poor buggers on SV163 weren't this fortunate :
there's a vid showing the evac. everyone seemed to be going for their carry on. but you can hear the crew yelling to leave it and jump. not sure if they were turning people away with luggage.
Seriously its 2016 and these birds are loaded with technology and it's still possible to land with gear up?
Pilots have some explaining to do...
Cade foster 1
The ATC told him to go around its my understanding. The pilot in command has the final call to continue the landing if its too late to abort and its his call when to raise the gear on a go around. Pilot in command.
PF calls for gear, not PIC...
30west 1
I agree with you Thrustt that the PF calls for "Gear Up', however the Captain doesn't raise the gear level by rote, but confirms in his own mind that it is safe to do so before raising the gear level.
It sure does, I am been researching this for last hour, it's
alarmingly more common then we think, but the vast majority of cases are corrected by an exigent call to " go around"
Sound familiar?
I have to agree. But like previously mentioned, it won't be too long until we know, those pesky black boxes have a way of telling the truth.....even if it's ugly....
alfio baldini 2
As an ex cabin crew member I say Congratulations to the professionalism of the crew, well done!
James Hanley 2
You must be pretty Dam* brave to run at a burning plane that might go boom. Kudos to the firefighters. especially the dead one. RIP
Matt Lacey 1
Explosions only happen when fuel and oxidizer/air mix. Fuel would have to be spraying or evaporating into a space where it could mix for that to happen.
Well done crew members.... from a former TWA flight attendant.
30west 3
Jane, Great performance by Emirates' crew members just like the spectacular performance by crew members on the TWA L-1011 that crashed after a rejected takeoff at JFK in the early 1990's. All seats full, fire, total hull loss and no fatalities or serious injuries to PAX or crew members during the evacuation.
thetrain 2
This one is shaping up to be an epic pilot botch job, like Asiana in SFO only with less loss of life. The plane failed a go around after needing a reminder from the tower to put the gear down. Yikes.
More like the gear was retracted while attempting a GA but only too soon and Ed up settling to the ground
Ravee Kurian 2
Jakub Bialek 2
Install damned electromagnetic locks in the overhead lockers! You cannot fight human psychology but you can prevent ppl from obstructing the evacuation this way :/
Paul Claxon 1
Three Greens ?
Sohaib Shah 1
Jack370 1
Any updates on this crash? The last I heard is that the flight came in for a landing and there was no indication of a problem by either the tower or the pilots until the plane visibly starting skidding down the runway. The witnesses at the time claimed that the landing gear was not visible at the crash site.

As improbable as it may be, from the published pictures and videos it looks like the 777 "landed" with gear up.
Jack370 1
As a follow up, the RAW ATC audio is here:
Wonderful teamwork..hats off to the entire crew.
Pray for died firefighter
Juan Morande 1
Congrats to the fighters.
Chris B 1
Video I've watched indicates that this was a belly landing and the starboard engine had already come off before the plane skidded to a halt see @edmundbasil
dee9bee 2
I saw an inside video, assuming it was real...I got two things out of it: 1) "Our plane has crash landed, I'm going to shoot a video for CNN" 2)"Honey, don't forget to retrieve our carry-ons on the way out".
Dee Lowry 1
Rule number one. Pay attention to the In Flight Cabin Crew. Save your life...not your Laptop! Emirates Cabin Crew did exactly what they were trained to do. Job well done!

It happens........
Not saying it happened this time......but it does
joel wiley 2
July 1983 C-5A 68-0216 landed wheels up at Travis AFB while practicing touch and 'go' landings. As you said, it happens.
zuluzuluzulu 1
no ground prox warning computer?
scott8733 1
This one might set the record for most duplicate squalks. Nonetheless, I can't see anywhere that PAN was declared?
no emergency was declared, because there was no emergency to begin with.
Ron Lorenz 0
This is another Great Reason to spend your hard earned American Dollars in
Matt Lacey 1
Which American carrier flies from India to Dubai? I agree where possible, but your sentiment appears to be impossible in practice.
Ron Lorenz -1
That's the Point Don't GO!
Ron Lorenz -3
If the Company some one works for has to go there, just maybe those company's should
get to gather with other company's and talk to American air company's to change this!
I Know Dubai would not like this one bit, nor would our current President! But nothing is going to get better if they don't!
Brian Nasset -1
No Gear is Down Where is the Foam?
My understanding is that "gear up" is what necessitated the go around.
It seems really hard to believe though as every bell and whistle should have been screaming at these guys to lower gear at that low of altitude.....
Any pilots out there that can confirm this?
They have already clarified that the request for a go around was initiated by the crew, and confirmed by the tower. This was reported as a reminder to put the gear down. No indication that the crew forgot the gear. Too early to say whether or not the gear was the problem. We have two 7,000 hour pilots and intact voice and input recorders, so it shouldn't be a problem to reconstruct.
Sorry, correction! As reported by the Aviation Herald:...tower advised the crew to plan to vacate the runway at taxiway M9 (editorial note: which several listeners including the editor originally understood as a reminder for the crew to lower the gear) and cleared the aircraft to land.
James T 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Updated: Emirates B777 at Dubai on Aug 3rd 2016, touched down during go-around without gear, aircraft on fire

An Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EMW performing flight EK-521 from Thiruvananthapuram (India) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with 282 passengers and 18 crew, was on final approach to Dubai's runway 12L at 12:41L (08:41Z) but attempted to go around from low height. The aircraft however did not climb, but after retracting the gear touched down on the runway and burst into flames
Dolf Brouwers 0
Tailstrike followed by a crash on the runway
Do you have any solid info on that? Like a trustworthy news report?
Rob Gibbs 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates Boeing 777 Explodes on Dubai Runway After Crash Landing

An Emirates airline flight from India crash-landed at the city’s international airport with 282 passengers and 18 crew on board. Everyone on board was safely evacuated.
pirahna432 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates 777 Crash Lands at Dubai

An Emirates airline flight from India to Dubai crash-landed at Dubai’s main airport Wednesday, and all 300 people onboard survived, the airline said.
James T -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Accident: Emirates B777 at Dubai on Aug 3rd 2016, touched down during go-around without gear, aircraft on fire

An Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EMW performing flight EK-521 from Thiruvananthapuram (India) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with 275 people on board, was on final approach to Dubai's runway 12L at 12:41L (08:41Z) but attempted to go around from low height. The aircraft however did not climb, but after retracting the gear touched down on the runway and burst into flames. All occupants evacuated safely, no injuries are being reported. The aircraft burned down completely.
John Skerencak -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates 777 on fire at Dubai airport.

Possible crash landing at Dubai airport, everyone evacuated safely.
Arman Arora -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates Jet Burns on Runway After Dubai Airport ‘Accident’

An Emirates jet carrying 275 people burned on the runway at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday after what the airline described as an “accident.The fire began to spread rapidly and by the time the fire engines got there the entire top half of the plane was on fire, NBC News Digital chief technology officer Krishna Bhagavathul said while in a terminal overlooking the runway.
Supposedly there was a ship waiting at the approach end who saw the whole thing....gear was down, 49C temp (120F) plane was high and fast with a cross wind.....hit hard and bounced made a futile attempt to go around.....flipped the gear up but no power kicked in and the bird mushed down the runway. The gear down or up confusion may be due to the ATC people in the region asking all the birds to check their gear when they clear them to land. In any case the boxes will tell all in a few days, and considering what could have happened the whole thing is a miracle. The drivers are almost certainly looking for their next job right now.

Inside the plane while evacuating...
UAE trained their pilots and cabin crew well, but the passengers were certainly idiotic in not listening to them.

What I mean by that is that in that type of emergency, when your aircraft is on fire and could kill you, they took their time to open the overhead bins to get their things out prior to getting off the plane. The time taken to do that could have killed someone.

After seeing that, the passengers are really lucky that none of them perished AFTER the plane crashed.
paul gilpin 0
i agree with your comment. OT i was in the minority here a few weeks ago when a video showed the wing of an aircraft on fire.

imo, they should have evaced immediately on the port side. like i said, i was in the minority on that one.
Amazing that everyone on board escaped despite the chaos. Kudos to the Emerites training and discipline Condolences to the family of the firefighter.
Will definitely be following this
Ivan Blakely 0
interesting that, no matter what the safety briefing directed, people still wanted to take their carry-on from overhead lockers and I am wondering if this is in fact normal behaviour in these rare events. Excellent the passengers and crew were all OK, but a firefighter should not die.

ToddBaldwin3 0
It is becoming very common. I've more than one video of Pax going down the slide holding their carry on luggage.
djames225 0
First, my condolences to the family and friends of the fallen firefighter...the actions of himself, his collegues and the airlines FA's saved all lives aboard...Second, it's interesting to read news directly from those on board who said this "Passengers said that minutes before the flight crash-landed, the pilot made an announcement that he needed to make an emergency landing.
Iype Vallikadan, a reporter from Indian newspaper Mathrubhumi News, said the passengers indicated the pilot spoke to them as the plane neared Dubai, saying there was a problem with the landing gear and that he would make an emergency landing." All we can do is wait to see what really transpired..even VASAviation, seen in Brad Littlejohn's post, said "The audio feeds from Dubai are so poor. It's not heard when pilot says he's going around. Then the ATCs instructs him to go around and climb straight to 4000'"...but look where the craft is when, according to the computer animation, when instructed to "continue straight and climb to 4000"...this should be interesting.
Cade foster 2
Hard to believe that if they had a gear problem and told the passengers about it that the Capt would not have declared and emergency. Not too mention that the tower would have an A380 on short final behind them with a B777 with landing gear problems. It just doesn't add up. And how would a landing gear problem only present it self just before touchdown? And if it did I doubt the crew would have time to inform the passengers. Just applying common sense to some prior theories...
djames225 2
True Cade..however we dont have the full story and I, for 1, as are many many others, want to see what really transpired..and why would the tower instruct a climb out so late in the lane?
Cade foster 1
Yes Rapidwolve, my point exactly, speculation with a lack of actual facts only leads to incorrect conclusions.
But it is interesting to bring facts into posters assumptions, especially when they reference news agencies as their "sources".
Tom Murray 0
Does a passenger plane like this have a warning system to tell the pilots if they have neglected to deploy the landing gear and are close to the ground?
Dolf Brouwers 0
Just learned that a 'go around' was started but a tailstrike made the plane crash on the runway shearing off the main gear
That was a good video, very tanks.
Condolences to the family of the firefighter.
nofossil70 0
Why post something months old
joel wiley 2
It was posted 4 months ago and the last comment prior to yours was 3 months ago. Did it just appear in your list as something new? If so, it might be tied with FA's web page redesign somehow. I've seen a few other old squawks popping up with new comments like this.
Ravee Kurian -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

EK 521 crash lands at DUB - reports say 300 evacuated successfully

An Emirates 773 ER has reportedly crash landed at DUB. There are reports of a burning aircraft, no landing gear in sight, and a successful evacuation of 300 passengers and crew.
Er.A.K. Mittal -2
Was it an accident / incident / crash landing or whatever, when any thing could have happened , but did not !
Every one is safe and sound , plus all the relevant equipment.
An excellent and a rare opportunity for flying safety regulators and manufactures alike, to study why-with-all of every thing.The study will go a long way in ensuring better safety measures , in terms of operations and manufacturing alike, be it malfunction , defective engineering including inefficient maintenance and inapt operation / flying.
After all a few things did go hay wire , putting question marks on both , man and machine !
30west 1
A.K., Not "everyone is safe and sound", a firefighter lost his life in this accident.
Right U R .... I stand corrected ... may he R I P .
mcrossbow24 1
If you consider the aircraft hull as "relevant equipment", it decidedly is not "safe and sound".
Assess it like this.
Every piece of evidence is in tact , man and machine !
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates Plane From Thiruvananthapuram Crash Lands In Dubai, Passengers Safe

The plane, a Boeing 777, landed on its tail at around 12.45 pm local time. Its right wing caught fire and a part of the engine appeared to have fallen off.

All passengers of flight EK 521 were evacuated safely through emergency exits before the fire spread, said officials. Of the 282 passengers on board, 226 were Indians.
Margeaux K -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Emirates Airliner Crash Lands in Dubai

An Emirates flight from India with 300 people on board crash landed at Dubai's main airport Wednesday, sending black smoke billowing into the air and halting all traffic at the Middle East's busiest airport.

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