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FAA Issues Notice to UAS Pilots In Areas Affected By Hurrican Matthew

DO NOT FLY NEAR HURRICANE RESPONSE EFFORTS As a result of Hurricane Matthew, there will likely be significant recovery efforts and the FAA may issue flight restrictions in the vicinity of disaster areas. During response operations to Hurricane Matthew, authorized aircraft may be flying at very low altitudes over affected areas. Unauthorized UAS or drone operations may prevent other aircraft from performing life-saving missions and increase the risk of mid-air collision. Anyone, including… ( More...

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Loral Thomas 4
The goof balls that run the FAA are absolutely amazing. Do they really think their little warning about not flying drones around disaster areas due to Matthew are going to keep these idiots from filming destruction? Really! Drones, flown by the right personnel, can be a very valuable and inexpensive way to determine where relief needs to go. Too bad some backyard pilot is going to jeopardize the good guys.
Roy Hunte 0
And then the USAF sends a drone from Edwards AFB to study the storm........
Torsten Hoff 2
... which flies well above any rescue efforts.
Roy Hunte 1
Lol, just having some fun.
Loral Thomas 1
I have serious doubts a drone from Edwards is checking on Matthew. That's their story. NOAA does a great job with storms with the P-3.


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