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British Airways to squeeze extra 52 seats onto Boeing 777 flights

The main change is going from nine abreast to 10 abreast in economy, increasing seats at the back of the aircraft from 216 to 252. ( More...

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Recently UNITED's 737-800's had the rear bathrooms replaced (Slimline Bathrooms :) -
And pushed them back into to the rear galley - also changing the FA jump seats to
Install another row - and the only gain is what ? More pissed off flight crews who have less room to work and more BS from the cheap seats -
Trystian 8
I loved flying on BA because of the extra space, but as a (ahem) larger person, sounds like they are going to make it just as uncomfortable as every other airline.

On the plus side, they will be handing out a complimentary packet of saltines to enjoy our sardines with.
Mike Davis 8
It is obvious that the bean-counters and executives at these airlines don't fly in steerage class, and seating engineers are 5 ft. midgets. Even though retired and wanting to travel, I've cancelled plans for several trips, stayed in-country and driven my car.

During a recent trip through the big Boeing assembly plant in Everett, Washington, the question of seating came up (obviously a consumer concern) and the guide said that the aircraft are given to customers with NO seating (other than the pilots of course) and seats are installed by individual airlines.
Yes, the seats are installed by the airlines, and I suppose Boeing staff must be very angry about the squeezing in thats going on. Even a beautiful aircraft like the 787 is getting a bad reputation for long distance flights because of the little consideration given to passenger confort by the airlines.
I seem to recall there are restrictions by Regulations with regards to seat pitch(leg room) and blocking of emergency exits. Spanwise, considerations must be taken of aisle width and finally an emergency evacuation must be done in 90 secs.
Assuming all of these were taken care of; then pax. comfort,based on duration of flight must be considered.. pax. has choice of airline.
Bernie20910 4
Pax has a very limited choice of airlines on most flights, and much like US election choices, often it's a case of picking which one you hate the least.
Roy Hunte 6
Why is BA joining the sardinebcan club?
Bernie20910 4
Gotta pay for this somehow:
Roy Hunte 4
Supposed to be 'sardine can'
744pnf 2
Yvon Dionne 6
BA will also increase staff on aircraft to help with more passengers.......not.
David Ross 1
If British regs are the same as American regs then 2 additional flight attendants will be required for the 52 seats assuming they don't already have more than 1 flight attendant per 50 seats.
The regs in America state that a flight attendant is required for 20 to 49 seats and for each 50 seats after that.
John Yount 6
Forget the seat issue, what about more lavatories. My worst nightmare; a morning cup of coffee and "OCCUPIED"!
Mike Davis 2
I feel your discomfort. I simply refuse to drink coffee before a flight. I'm a coffee snob anyway and I can't tolerate commercial coffee so it's not much of a sacrifice.
James Simms 2
Doesn't take much to please me as instant coffee & cold tap water is fine by me. Years of drinking coffee during Army Field Exercises plus having night shift over in the desert for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Whenever I do decide to get coffee from Micky D's, I always order iced coffee or ice so I can put into the coffee.
Joao Ponces 1
Couldn't agree more! The worst nightmare in Economy! Passengers should start to rebel, and perhaps pee on their seats, so the foolish executives might think again...
Or do as I do, choose different airlines...
Karma is the nearby article about the BA CEO not knowing that LHR expansion would take out his HQ!
There will be larger entertainment screens as well. Did you ever try to watch a movie on a larger screen 6 inches from you face? Air France has a few B777-200 with 316 seats, and that is torture, and BA wants to squeeze in 332? That's ridiculous.
Dan Anderson 3
Some decades ago, I took a quick hop from London Heathrow to Paris Charles De Gaulle, seated in Business Class. Entering INTO and exiting OUT of the seats was quite the challenge as it felt as if I were spelunking, having to nearly crawl about my seat. The leg room was tighter than any flights I had taken in coach previously. I can now only imagine the seating situation on the triple seven with this cramming of more seats.
David Kay 3
216 to 252 is an increase of 36 seats. Where are the other 16 seats?
Hugh Somsen 1
Between the Pilots
ADXbear 3
Ahhh man.. come on.. next we will be book cargo seating or install wing lockers.. the Lavatories are WAT to small for the average person to do their business.. hell with, I'll drive...
Loral Thomas 4
That will sure mess up the weight and balance! Can hear the Captain's announcement now: "Sorry folks -- with our increase in passenger seating we will not be able to serve drinks or meals aboard this flight since we need a full fuel load to reach our destination." Overhead luggage storage is really going to be tight.
I love to fly BA and do it often but they should take into account the counfort of their economic class passengers. Respect our safety space and yes more bathroom. Maybe we should pay extra to go to the bathroom?
Don't say that too loud...they might hear you!
Hugh Somsen 1
Oh, you want a Bathroom? The toilet fee is $75.00, oh you want a washbasin? That's slightly extra.... Toilet Paper????
John Gilson 2
As a somewhat frequent flier, I can recommend for very concise information about nearly all commercial flight seating. This assumes that the aircraft type is known in advance of booking the flight...!

Happy seating.

Mike Davis 2
It will get to the point where customers will be willing to pay another $10 a seat to recover respectable leg room. I'd pay extra for the extra room, but there are so few such seats available that they are all gone by the time I buy my ticket.
Except it's going to be more than $10. For transatlantic flights with KLM it's more like $60.
Byron Russell 1
Bait and switch. Bait: advertise low fares. Switch: oh you actually want to be comfortable on that 8 hour flight? Well we have premium economy for that.
Stefan Sobol 2
A number of years ago I got a tour of the demo center for 787 cabin layouts at Boeing. They had some nice setups there even for coach. They went on about how much nicer the coach class on a 787 is going to be. I said "These are nice setups, but no US airline is ever going to configure their aircraft like that!"

Seat are BFE (buyer furnished equipment). The airline chooses their layout and seats from a variety of manufacturers and sends them to Boeing for installation at the factory. Boeing does not supply any passenger seating or furnishings.

A couple of years ago someone in the US Congress tried to pass a law that would specify minimum seating requirements (e.g. width, pitch, etc.). It never got anywhere.
So British Airways has officially announced that people are now cattle for economy??
It's the pax that're being squeezed...this isn't an improvement.
British Airways is just following the trend, even Qatar Airways is jumping on the bandwagon of 10 across seating in economy. The only airline I know of that does not join in is Turkish Airways, they recently overhauled the interior of their B777-300ERs and kept the original 9 across seating. Maybe someone else knows of other airlines that keep the original seating?
Air New Zealand also uses the 9 across. At least on the flights I took from KSFO-ACK
Joao Ponces 1
JAL - Japan Airlines, and most ANA, here in Japan still keep the 3+3+3 config! Furthermore, they increased the space between seats instead of narrowing...
But then, there are airlines and Airlines...
Joao Ponces 1
I might be a very unlucky person, but my dozens of flights on board BA in the past have been among the worst in my life! Now, they'll be to avoid totally!
Amazingly, I flew other cheaper British Airlines like BMI, Virgin and Thompson and they were incomparably better!
Is that the 'civil servant' syndrome? What a shame! The British flag carrier....
It is unfortunate that airlines continue to ruin the reputation of well designed aircraft by reducing the pitch to ram more seats into economy. My wife and I were looking forward to our first 787 flight on Air Canada and it was not any different from other overcrowded economy rides in older aircraft. BA will ruin the rep of the 777 as well with this move. I am glad BA isn't a member of the Star Alliance.
Ian Saunders 1
They are members
Hugh Somsen 1
Remind me... no more flights on BAC.
Jim DeTour 1
Just wait. Luckily to aren't paying a high price for deployed troops seating. On R&R flight it's commercial contracts. One time a little over 5 foot guy that must of gotten a waiver to join looked at me when we were sitting down and said look at this and I'm real short. He had his tail pushed all the way back in his seat and his knees were still hitting the seat in front of him.
sorry Ian BA is NOT a STAR Alliance member
Jesse Carroll 1
If I can't pronounce it, I won't eat it!
If I can't see it, I won't touch it!
If I can't fit in it, I won't fly in it!
Boeing or not going is out the door if they start this crap.
When will the freak's start adding planes instead of seats?
Aircraft manufactures should lower there GTW to stop over crowding!
Ian: Check it out. British Airways is a member of the One World Alliance. You must have a computer. It doesn't take long to get your facts right
Will someone raise the voice and say enough is enough and let economy class pax have little space to enjoy?
Many people have. Bu it takes more than just a voice, it takes commitment. In this case by agreeing to pay slightly higher fares to cover the added cost of better seating. But the traveling public has demonstrated they are not willing to pay for the space.
Andreas Goedde -1
Note To Myself: Add British Airways to my list of crap airlines from whom I vow never to buy a ticket. The last one I added was Air France. At least partially at fault are the aircraft manufacturers, particularly, Boeing. During the past fifty years, the airplane interior design hasn't changed much at all. The Boeing 737 I flew in 1968 had the same layout and same refrigerator-size latrine as their latest ones. The legroom is gone, and the galley isn’t needed anymore since you don't need a galley to dole out peanuts. Seems like every improvement they made benefited their corporate customers, not the flying end-user. In other words, over 50 years, Boeings creativity had focused on making us passengers more miserable. And they succeeded. The worst abomination they perpetrated on the unsuspecting public was that 777 cattle wagon. With a 14-hour+ range, sardine seating, and the worst seats ever, that body-torturing piece of crap belongs on the scrap heap. The only thing missing is troughs bolted under the windows. Of course, the airline bean counters love it.


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