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US House votes to kill Boeing and Airbus sales to Iran

This has not been a particularly good week for Boeing. On Tuesday, one of its largest customers, United Continental Holdings announced that it will defer delivery of 61 Boeing 737-700s and substitute four 737-800s in its order for delivery next year. The announcement triggered a sell-off in Boeing stock, and the share price dropped about $5 as of the end of trading on Thursday. ( 기타...

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No matter, they can still buy Russian and Chinese airplanes. And the more they sell, the better they will get. Isn't this kind of like shooting yourself in the foot??
Yet we sell airplanes to our former Cold War enemies, China and Russia, but keeping Iran standing in the corner, their back to us for the past 37 years. They remember the shah.
linbb 4
And one can bet those other countrys will help them out via the back door when needed. Boeing will be left out but who says the EU wont sell to them as Airbus needs the sales to someone other than EU countrys.
744pnf 1
The vote last week by the US House of Representatives to block Airbus and Boeing from selling airplanes to Iran Air doesn’t do this, even if the US Senate goes along and if President Obama changed his mind to veto the legislation and signed the bill instead.

The House bill only prevents US-sourced financing.
Didn't know US govt had the authority to block Airbus (EU) from selling to anyone?
They make at least 10% of Plane in US So it falls Under Oversight
btweston 1
Read the third paragraph.

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Hi Wilbur, I'm not an Economist. Could you explain more about this and your qualifications on this issue. Thanks.
You might want to think more about the screwball leader ship of the US. Who the hell do you people think you are? Iran would be better placed to ignore the US and buy from other manufactures by placing their own set of sanctions on the US.
zippy23 0
What a pointless article.


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