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See what JFK airport will look like after $10 billion in improvments

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has unveiled a $10 billion plan to transform New York's aging John F. Kennedy International Airport into a world-class hub with easy access. ( More...

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I will believe it when I see it...
I hope there would be consideration of naming something at the new airport after its original name. There could be an "Idlewild terminal," or "Idlewind Ring Road." Some of us remember the original airport.
scott8733 4
With projection at 40million additional pax for Kennedy, that's a heckuva lot more A/C. Seems to be the issue is going to be more with airspace than it is with facilities, at that point. Not sure how more space can be created in the sky than what exists currently.
bartmiller 3
The only way to get that kind of pax increase is reduce the number of small commuter aircraft and go to bigger planes (like many of the airports in Asia with many fewer runways).

The airspace around KJFK, KEWR and KLGA is already saturated, with an arrival/departure slot reservation system.
Mike OConnor 2
Seems a bit much considering somme of the terminals that'd be replaced, especially T8 (based on the renderings), aren't even 20 years old. LaGuardia was one thing, but it doesn't feel like JFK needs quite the same level of overhaul on the terminal end of things. Roadside and taxiway improvements I can understand though.
Braniff77 1
It seems like the Governor is throwing around big grandiose plans to create some kind of legacy. JFK's problem is more the off-airport access (although a couple of terminals could probably use some upgrades). The Belt and Van Wyck are perpetually congested to/from the airport. Although I understand that the plan also calls for widening of the Van Wyck (I'd like to see how they'll accomplish that!).
James Burgess 1
Braniff 77:

When were you a BRANIFF pilot and how many times were you called back?

BRANIFF Co Pilot and Engineer
Pretty pictures, but from the looks of it, it appears the overhaul of T8 (which seems unnecessary), cuts off taxiways A and B, which are probably the most important ones for operations.
[sarcasm on] It's only $10 billion in taxpayer dollars. Boston's Big Dig was projected to be a measly $2.4 billion, but ended up being a mere $14 billion, so what could possibly go wrong with a $10 billion project? [sarcasm off]
Tom Bruce 4
hey.. sarcastic or not.. it will cost much more than the projected and will take a lot more time than the estimates...
dee9bee 3
Michael, yes. Tom, yes. Recor10, yes. The last time they 're-did' the central portion of LGA in the 1990s, it took at least two years. In the end, there was little to show for it. If the JFK project goes through, I'll be in a nursing home before it's finished...
dee9bee - you are spot on. With out doubt some earth babies will bitch that there is some rare slug that needs saving. The Unions will over pay and steal for second rate slow labor and the kick backs will be far beyond Pele's wildest fantasies. Ahhhh...the Uhmerican, where shall we have the next "Big Dig"?
Union Yes?

btweston -1
Next time, instead of turning the sarcasm on, just do something else.


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