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Delta to retire 747's on Jan 31st, 2018

I was told by a 747 pilot for delta airlines that the 747 will be retired on some month that starts with a J the 31st. I later confirmed January by looking on 747s are operating in august so it isn't July. Delta has been american avgeeks last hope involving the queen. Delta is expected to release details soon. RIP my queen. ( 기타...

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This is awful. The queen will be missed. With United doing the same, there will not be any US carriers left flying the 747. Damn I wish the -8i was more popular :(
I know, I wish the 747-8 was popular as well LethalThreat. The problem with the 747 and the A380 (just because it is suffering a similar fate as the -8) is that they're designed and built for the hub/spoke model of air transportation which airlines are trying to get rid of.
Very true. Also, the fuel burn is too high compared to a 777/A350/787/A330. Efficiency is most important now instead of having beautiful massive flagships in your fleet like the 744/8i.
The funny part is that Boeing built these hub and spoke planes and now they are buildng the 787 which is not a hub and spoke.
jbermo 1
The "pendulum" will swing again someday with regards to hub and spoke.
There is a significant difference between the -400 and the I. It is still a double decker but maybe a bit too new.
UPS will still be flying them. Personally I think it's about time they retire those old hulks. Get something modern in their place.
Its is going to be sad seeing these big birds. We get 4 of these birds here at DTW.
They only operate out of DTW other than maybe a charter.
Delta still uses the 747 for the Seoul, Soth Korea and Tokyo-Narita routes out of DTW
indy2001 2
So sad to see the 747s disappear from US passenger fleets. It truly was the aircraft that opened up the world to the average person. I have so many memories of trips that started and ended on 747s, especially back with TWA. But it's hard to justify the economics of 4 engines vs. 2 on the younger birds. Luckily for us, we visit the UK every couple of years and British Airways is keeping their -400 fleet going for a few more years with continual upgrades to the interiors.
I think BA is our saving grace. At least I hope so.
good bye "big bird"...time marches on..i remember flying on a dl747 once and also on carrier used dc 10's, also now "defunct" except for fedex..its a new era...
The DC-10's are pretty cool though.
I can remember a few years ago, when Delta and Northwest merged, I went out on a cold Minnesota winter day to watch the first NW 744 to be repainted in DL paint arrive at KMSP. I'm very sad to see them go; it was a highlight of the day watching them depart for Tokyo (and that flight is now on a 777).
You might like this video then.
You might like this.
Well, there are new queens. The 777X or right now the 787 and 350.
More silent and efficient, larger windows and for the real large capacity there is the 380. The 747 was a mice plane, but its design is 50 years old.
What about buying the new 747's ??
744pnf 1
This BizJournal piece was published Aug 4, 2016.
I needed a link that was related to the subject.


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