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Unusual and record-breaking planes: Six incredible planes you'll never fly on

In the past 10 years, travellers have become increasingly interested in the type of plane they fly on to reach their destination. Competition between the big two aircraft manufacturers, America's Boeing and Europe's Airbus, has seen great leaps forward in plane technology. The launch of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, the biggest commercial aircraft to fly, in 2007 and the carbon-fibre and cutting-edge technology found on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which took off on its first… ( 기타...

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BOAC747 3
I only wish they could fly the Concorde again or have a updated version of it bulit
Your first part of that dream will never happen...Airbus sealed Concorde's fate by yanking maintenance support for it after their scoup up of Aerospatiale and BAC..that being said, there was skuttlebutt that Airbus was in process of a Concorde 2 design and implement vision..funny how Concorde never flew again after its final flight yet the TU-144 has.
The Concorde only made a profit on one short period constantly making a loss. Hence safety recommendations were not implemented (would have not crashed) and avionics remained antiquated. Was a big achievement at the time but small and from memory Air France ended up paying only 1 Franc each when new.
Ok???..point being??
You made a statement about Concorde and I just furthered the comment. Don't get you panties in a twist.
The stock image of the Concorde in the article is an artist's rendition of the Concorde over Washington, D.C. with what appears to be a black missile shooting towards it.

Could we have gotten a better stock shot?
I can almost remember which book/movie that was from. Was it Airport '79?
I agree William...a better photo could have come from this
I would like to take a flight if they were around on the grand Boeing 747-100 Jumbo jet if any were still active around the globe. I flew many with BOAC & Pan american world airways & TWA the early years
chalet 1
The economical life of this beautiful machine was doomed even before it flew for the first time: in its haste to build a supersonic plane the French and Brittons decided that it was what they wanted it to be, damn the cost. Sure enough the cabin was just 103" wide and 77" high, a bit wider than the good ole DC-3 and the internal hight a few inches higher than the DC-3. With such limited dimensions they could only squeeze in 100 pax and the cost of tickets on a LHR/JFK run was some 25% higher than FIrst Class 747. So the bulk of passengers were extremely well paid execs of international companies who wanted to be seen (but loathed the total lack of confort pitch distance, width and the such). Maintenance was three to four time the cost of the same operation on a 747. Fuel burn, well, lts not talk about it. All in all an economic failure.
Why is it that some articles still need better research...the A380 is not the biggest commercial aircraft to fly..that crown is still held by the AN225.
btweston 1
I think it's fairly obvious what they meant, given that it was in the An-225's section of the article.
Being obvious and being correct are not always the want to report something in an article, make it correct reporting.
Another good indication of correct reporting is the "photo" of William pointed out, it isnt even a photo and a very poor rendition of a beautiful craft.
My list includes the B-36. I don't like to think about what this plane was built for, however it is certainly unique:


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