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PIA To Discipline Staff For Overloading Flight

Pakistan International Airlines has taken disciplinary action over staff allowing seven passengers to travel without seats, according to media reports. PIA flight PK743, a scheduled service from Karachi to Madina on January 20, carried 416 passengers - seven more than the Boeing 777’s capacity of 409. ( 기타...

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American will offer it in the second half of 2017.
Hope Ryanair don't see this
Pileits 2
But they stand up on buses in the city, so what is the missing link here. EDUCATION you think!!!!!
BOAC747 1
They stand up on roof tops of the trains before going into the tunnel of death CURRY IN A HURRY
Pakistan? Discipline? Tell 'em they're joking. The only discipline would be for being found out by the rest of the world; as if any normal traveller would use PIA anyway. More likely disciplined for not having more onboard.
I have seen them riding on TOP of railcars in India and Pakistan....nothing out of sorts is cheap....
So where did they sit? Jumpseats and cockpit? And how were they disciplined?
They didn't sit -- they stood. There were more people than seats.

The staff involved showed such poor judgement, they should be terminated for jeopardizing the safety of the passengers -- not just those without seats, but also those who were seated and restrained.


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