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JAL's All Female Flight, including ground staff

9th annual commemoration of All Girl's Day (Mar 3) ( 기타...

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SFOBro 7
I honestly thought that by now, in 2017, this wouldn't even be a headline.
Chick pilots rock btw.
Let's face it fellas. We all know that a female has to be better than a male when it comes to jobs where males hold the majority of those jobs. For her to get her ppl she had to fly better than the males. When it came to the commercial, instrument, multi and type rating she had to be one of the best to get them.
Greg77FA 6
We should be celebrating the most qualified. Because when the sxxx hits the fan, that's who I want up front.
Air India has made the first round-the-world trip staffed entirely by women.
ms06877 2
And the flight landed safely, who cares.
Way to go JAL! It's about time! Women are great pilots and Cabin Crew Members!I'm proud to be a women, pilot and Crew Member. Alaska Air did it on a 737!
I may be wrong on that one but I know I was working one on United.
Was on an all female flight years back the joke I heard then ( I guess this means no more cockpit) lol
A B737-800 with only one pilot? Where's the First Officer? Seems she missed the photo shoot. Hope she turned up before departure. What a gimmick! I flew from Belfast to London on a BA A319 back in 2007 with an all-female crew. Nothing special about it really if they are all suitably qualified and competent.
canuck44 -9
The annual gimmick...wasn't it Air India last year? I don't even want to imagine what the next "Visible Minority Day" might bring us.


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