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Propeller falls off REX flight

Propeller sheared off a Regional Express SAAB 340B, which was operating a flight from Albury to Sydney. Not something you'd like to see happen but proves a plane can fly on a single engine. ( 기타...

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Says something about the ability of the venerable Saab 340B to land safely on one engine with little or no drama. But these aircraft are getting on in age and metal fatigue must be a worry for REX. Might be time to look at newer alternatives for their ageing fleet such as the ATR 42 perhaps. So fortunate it didn't spear off into the fuselage or empennage ... or strike people on the ground!
It was quite common 60 yrs ago on DC7C but on a much more modern and recent acft.....
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I've flown REX for years and have actually reported faults with their planes to their crews, like of torn de-icing boots, etc. Rex prices are pretty high for their ancient planes and what they offer. Hence, I'm looking at switching to Free Spirit Airlines for my short hops, which I gather is a company founded by a disgruntled Rex board member who got fed up of pleading for newer planes.
Australia is becoming a nation of ancient small airliners. Not only do we have the Rex fleet of SAABs but Alliance, admittedly a charter operator, now has the world's largest Fokker fleet some of which are starting to appear operating regional flights for both Qantas and Virgin. Both of those airlines also own a few Fokkers themselves having acquired them in takeovers of various regional operators. Additionally, Qantas operate a fleet of rapidly ageing Boeing 717s.

There's nothing to say that any of these aircraft are not perfectly safe but as tasmedic says, these frames tend to be used on routes that permit high ticket prices but rarely is money ever spent on updating interiors or customer service to provide a better flying experience for the punters.

There is clearly a need for smaller jets and turbo props in Oz but it seems odd that Virgin are selling their Embraers and ATRs - almost the only newish small airliners on the Australian register (apart from a few Qantas Dash 8s).
Someone better come up with a bloody good explanation. Props do not come off that eazy.

this was on channel nine
A regional passenger plane has made an emergency landing at Sydney Airport after a propeller apparently fell off during approach.

The Regional Express flight from Albury to Sydney - carrying 16 passengers and three crew - made a distress call about midday on Friday when it was 20 kilometres from the airport.

The Saab 340 subsequently landed safely.

In the pan-pan call, the crew said the propeller assembly had "dislodged", Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson told AAP, while photographs of the plane on the ground showed the right propeller missing altogether.
Well done Captain, that is what you train for
Listening to the ATC recording I think the “*inaudible*” was “uncommanded” which I am wondering could mean that the engine went to full throttle on its own before the prop came off? Or was this just a classic Australian understatement?
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Saab SF 340 lands safely after prop falls off

Saab SF340 lost its prop and made a safe precautionary landing in Austrailia. Great single engine flying and pilot very calm


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